Roy on Rats – AirHeads, episode 28

A packed AirHeads this week – six items in our airgun magazine show. Roy Lupton is shooting rats with night vision; James Marchington and Charlie Jacoby are hunting squirrels including a trophy (!) squirrel, Andy Crow and Phill Price are trying out oldfashioned feather darts, David Wright has the latest airgun celebrity launches from the ShotShow and Airstreaming rounds up the best Shot Show airgun reviews from the rest of YouTube.

Here are the items:

✩ Roy ratting

✩ HotAir ShotShow news

✩ Shooting darts

✩ Trophy Squirrel

✩ Squirrel Baiting

✩ Airstreaming – ShotShow

Here are the links to Airstreaming:
The Late Boy Scout
Squirrel Hunter
Edmund Jacoby

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