Hunting with hounds

How Tony Blair failed Exmoor’s deer

Charlie Pye-Smith leads a panel in Dulverton on Exmoor to talk about how successive Westminster governments, starting with Tony Blair’s government in 2004, have failed

Scottish foxhunting ban update

by Deborah Hadfield The Scottish Countryside Alliance is appealing to the Scottish government not to ignore its evidence during the passage of the Hunting with

Blair hunting ban ‘a failure’

Tony Blair’s foxhunting ban didn’t help the fox. That’s the conclusion of a new book, which shows up the failure of Blair’s 2004 Hunting Act.

How to sponsor a hound

Hunts all over the country offer hound sponsorship – and it’s probably cheaper than you think. Typically, they send you photos in a frame of

Boxing Day meets 2009

Anticipation was in the air as thousands of people turned out in all weathers for Boxing Day meets all over the country. Anticipation of the

Hound Trailing

Hound Trailing

Who owns the fittest dogs? The hound trailers of Cumbria reckon it is them. Their foxhounds race a 10-miles aniseed trail in just 30 minutes,

The Woolaston Bassets

The Woolaston Bassets

It is the opening meet of the UK’s newest pack of basset hounds. The Woolaston’s country is in Gloucestershire, on the Chepstow side of the

Foxhunting Tourism

Foxhunting Tourism

A party of Americans is over in the UK to enjoy the traditional English sport of foxhunting. They are out with one of the best

Lamping with Lurchers

Lamping with Lurchers

They’re dogged up and ready to rabbit. When Sporting Rifle’s Tim Pilbeam wanted to show off the best of British sport, he thought ‘lurchers’. Cue

Hunting bear with hounds

Hunting bear with hounds

It is one of the greatest hunting hound sports in the world – and you are not allowed to do it anymore. We’re on one

The Banwen Miners’ Hunt

The season of 2012/2013 is the fiftieth since men first came out of the coal pit in Banwen, South Wales, and founded the Banwen Miners

The Ledbury Hunt

Nicky Sadler follows the Ledbury Hunt, hunting within the law, in its Friday country, near Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. Hounds are known to have hunted the

The Blencathra Foxhounds

We join the Blencathra for a snowy day at Caldbeck, the home of the famous huntsman John Peel, known from the song “D’ye ken John

NVQ for hunt staff

Hunt staff are taking an NVQ1 in animal care and health & Safety, backed by the Countryside Alliance and run by Haddon Training from Wiltshire.

Foxhunting opening meet 2009

It is the opening meet of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray hounds – the Chid & Lec – at Petworth House in Sussex, home of

West Somerset Hunt

Philip Ghazala is a new joint master of the West Somerset Hunt and he has to cope with all the pressures that role brings. This


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