Shotgun Airgun – AirHeads, episode 49

Shotgun, crossbow, rifle: the new three-in-one airgun. Designed by Terry Tate in the USA, it fires shotshells, airgun pellets and crossbow bolts. That’s not the only airgun innovation in AirHeads this week. Cai ap Bryn is at the ShotShow in Las Vegas to find out. And there’s more new stuff in the UK: Charlie Jacoby is off to look at a brand new airgun range in Somerset. There is HotAir airgun news and Airstreaming has a round-up of the best airgunning on YouTube. It is all in this week’s AirHeads.

Here are the links to the items on YouTube
☆  Shotgun Airgun
☆  HotAir
☆  Shot Show
☆  Rifleman Range

Here are the YouTube links for Airstreaming:
Squirrel Hunter
Florida Bullfrog
The VSO Gun Channel
The Airgun Hunter

Air Arms’ channel

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