Fieldsports Channel lights up Pulsar

roger lait

Fieldsports Channel features products from across the shooting industry – and top brands keep coming back to showcase their latest piece of hardware off the production line on our YouTube channel. One of the latest collaborations is with Thomas Jacks, the UK’s distributor of Pulsar night-vision and thermal gear. It is essential kit for rabbit […]

AR Foxshooting in Essex

The rabbits have taken over a nice garden in Essex, and the foxes aren’t far behind. Who you going to call? Roger Lait. He has an AR-style rifle in .223 and the new Pulsar N970 LRF night vision scope. We know Roger Lait best for his air-gunning exploits, you can normally see him on the […]

Goose Shoot

Around 400 canada and greylag geese are landing on a stubble field in Bedfordshire. The farmer wants them moved on, so he calls on Paul Childerley and Jason Doyle. Usually deer experts, they turn their hands to gooseshooting – and approach it with careful planning and man power. It is a new pairing this week: […]

Fieldsports Britain – ‘The Professionals’

It’s like Bodie & Doyle – except it’s Childerley & Doyle. And what mission is Paul Childerley and Jason Doyle undertaking? They have got to move around 400 geese off a farmer’s stubble field. They do that, dropping more than 60 on the way. Meanwhile, Roger Lait has got a rabbit and fox problem in […]


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