Botswana reverses animal rights lunacy

The government in Botswana is considering a substantial reform to the country’s wildlife management policy. Included in the reform is the re-opening of hunting on government lands and the re-opening of elephant hunting. The former administration ended Botswana’s five-year tragic experiment in wildlife management when it adopted policies dictated by animal rights extremists. The administration […]

Fieldsports Britain – Giant stags of New Zealand

Hunting takes us to some amazing places. Scottish deerstalker Niall Rowantree is in New Zealand, stalking the biggest red stag of his life and finding out about the economy of wild red deer management. Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby goes to the craziest horse race in the UK, run by the Ledbury Hunt, four miles flat out […]

First dual winner for the Golden Button – Britain’s craziest horse race

Probably the maddest horse race in the country, more than 60 horses signed up for the Ledbury Hunt’s Golden Button challenge on Saturday 23 February 2019. We go behind the scenes to find out what it’s all about. Winner, for the second year running, was Yvonne Goss riding Untilla Legend – aka Jaffa. She becomes the […]


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