Fieldsports Britain – Giant stags of New Zealand

Hunting takes us to some amazing places. Scottish deerstalker Niall Rowantree is in New Zealand, stalking the biggest red stag of his life and finding out about the economy of wild red deer management. Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby goes to the craziest horse race in the UK, run by the Ledbury Hunt, four miles flat out along the banks of the River Severn, with every kind of horse and jockey. It’s the Golden Button Challenge. Plus, David can teach you the tips and tricks that make a great Fieldsports Channel film in our new workshop sessions. There’s Hunting YouTube, David is on the News Stump, and Charlie rounds up some viewer suggestions for Tim Pilbeam’s Lyme disease, which featured in last week’s show. All this and more, in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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New Zealand stags

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Nomad UK
For Venator Cardrona Safaris, visit
For Niall’s deerstalking in Scotland, go to
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Golden Button

For the Golden Button challenge, go to
The Ledbury Hunt website is
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Stuart Dubois on YouTube
Charlie Redvers on  YouTube
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Fieldsports Channel Workshops
To find out about filming with David Wright,

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News is sponsored by Percussion
Anti’s drone shot down – Daily Mail
French sabs claim hunters shot at them – Daily Mail
Wildfires on British moorland – BBC
Facebook closes pigeon shooting group
Australian politicians plan to ban working gun dogs
Botswana plans elephant meat canning plant for pet food

Tinder bans woman for posting shot deer – Twitter
Is this the world’s first arboreal gundog?
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