Yukon Photon XT – review

Jaf Jefferson talks about the Yukon Photon XT, its drawbacks and why he likes it, plus what he would like to see improved. Here is our film of the Photon XT in action Click here to go to the Fieldtester night vision and thermal front page

Fieldsports Britain – lead-free bullet killability

How good is copper, tin and even bronze at shooting straight and killing animals? Firearms expert Andrew Venables tests out all kinds of lead-free rounds at Tim Pilbeam’s range in Sussex and gives his verdict. Meanwhile, Jaf Jefferson from the South Somerset Ferreters has a nighttime date with a fox – and gets more than […]

On Test: best copper bullets for deer

  Firearms expert Andrew Venables has a guilty secret (innocent secret?). He prefers copper bullets to lead bullets. In this film, he puts copper bullets through their paces on a range, showing how they win on both accuracy and fillability. Thanks to Tim Pilbeam for letting us use his range. Have a look at these […]

Copper bullets and meat damage

Copper bullets and meat damage

Meat damage is one of Andrew Venables’ primary reasons to move away from lead bullets. For him, the argument revolves around weight retention. “You’ve seen the x-rays, you’ve seen the ballistic media, the different pictures going around on social media. 40% of that bullet is left in the animal. Copper retain literally 99% of their […]

What non lead bullets can you buy

  In the 1990s, Andrew Venables was at a US gun show where a mini revolution was taking place. He had no idea at the time that the non-lead bullet Barnes was launching there would change his deer stalking. He says it took about two years for the Barnes bullet to be exported to the […]

A fox and her cubs – shoot or don’t shoot?

  Jaf Jefferson takes his night vision out shooting. He is protecting a farmers’ lambs from hungry foxes. But when he comes across a vixen and her cubs, what does he do? Find out in this film… The new Yukon Photon RT replaces the old XT. If you are in the UK and want to […]

How I got my confiscated gun back

  What do you do when your gun has been confiscated on a stopover in a foreign country while you’re on your way back to the UK? Will Thompson (@waathompson on Instagram) was hunting in New Zealand when the coronavirus lockdown was enforced. He and his girlfriend decided to cut short their trip and head […]

Clayground closure fallout – Fieldsports News, 3 June 2020

Wales shooting club closure bad for the sport – MidWalesShootingCentre.com/ Estate worker and angler attacked by countryside visitors – Royalty video on Facebook – Kent murder on the BBC – Perthshire stabbing in The Courier New wave of wildfires sweeps the countryside – Fieldsports News Lockdown losses massive on Scottish estates – Strathspey Herald Top […]

British wildfire season 2020

From the beginning of April, wildfires rage across the UK’s uplands, burning hardest where there has been either poor management or rewilding. Just days into the month, there was a huge fire on Marsden Moor, just outside Huddersfield. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service sent 10 fire engines at the fire near Deer Hill Reservoir. […]

Jamie Lee Curtis charity art show bans sporting artist

A UK charity art show promoted by Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis has dropped a sporting artist because of her subject matter. And the artist has reacted with a successful fundraiser of her own. Based in Somerset, Teresa Davis’s website makes it clear that she is a sporting and wildlife artist who paints hunting and […]


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