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How good is copper, tin and even bronze at shooting straight and killing animals? Firearms expert Andrew Venables tests out all kinds of lead-free rounds at Tim Pilbeam’s range in Sussex and gives his verdict. Meanwhile, Jaf Jefferson from the South Somerset Ferreters has a nighttime date with a fox – and gets more than he expected. Lots of foxes. We have the heartwarming tale of a British shooter in New Zealand who gets his gun confiscated – and Frederic Hanner gets it back for him. David is on the News Stump and Charlie has the rest of the world covered in Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Copper bullets

Have a look at these films with Andrew:

Best copper bullets for deer

Lead-free ammo and clean kills

Lead-free ammo and meat damage

Lead-free ammo – what’s on offer?

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Gun rescue

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Grouse picture

We are delighted to report that the grouse picture has sold. Full story here.

Covid19 shoot risk assessment form
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Fieldsports News

Wales shooting club closure bad for the sport –
Estate worker and angler attacked by countryside visitors – Royalty video on Facebook
– Kent murder on the BBC – Perthshire stabbing in The Courier
New wave of wildfires sweeps the countryside – Fieldsports News
Lockdown losses massive on Scottish estates – Strathspey Herald
Top bird protection policeman suspended – Daily Mail + Lyall’s blog
Dead buzzards lead police to investigate gamekeepers – Channel 4
Seen that liver cocker? Contact Suffolk police constabulary, call 07464968723 or email – full story here
BASC not backing down in Baildon battle – BASC website
Irishman charged in US with trafficking rhino horns – RTE
Hunter slammed for ‘being hunter’ – Daily Mail
Art show discriminates against sporting painter – Fieldsports News
Alaska hunters allowed to kill bears in dens – Guardian
Post lockdown angling: the full horror – Facebook

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