Gamekeepers committing ‘hare genocide’, claims Packham

BBC celebrity Chris Packham is accusing gamekeepers of “ruthlessly killing” hares on estates across the UK. The TV presenter made the comment in an article in The Telegraph about the English government considering a partial ban on hare shooting. The newspaper quotes a DEFRA source who insists ‘people kill hundreds of thousands of hares a year during […]

Red deer in the year of the pandemic Niall Rowantree tours the Highlands to find out how deer and deerstalkers have fared during the year of the pandemic. The answer is not well, and thank goodness for gamekeepers and deerstalkers. Scottish government agencies and wildlife charities abandoned the Highlands in 2020, a year that saw  people who don’t often visit the countryside […]

Stag shot in water – social media storm It’s taken four months, but the police have at last agreed that they will bring no charges against the deerstalkers in the Stag-in-Watergate scandal. The film shocked some deerstalkers but, maybe more shocking, is that some of them complained to the police about the video, which shows a stag shot in water on the […]

How to save eagle falconry in Scotland As Scotland bans eagles from catching hares, is there hope for the ancient sport of falconry? Eagle falconer Roy Lupton says he hopes so. A new petition to the Scottish Parliament could exempt falconers from the law brought in by animal rights extremists in the Scottish government. Sign the petition: More films about […]

Gamekeepers save the ozone layer – Fieldsports News, 17 March 2021 Here are the links:Cut carbon: go grouse shooting – Moorland AssociationPackham didn’t fake death threat letter, cops claim – The TimesAngling Trust challenges government over anti-angling report – Angling Trust [PDF]Anglers and divers who created ‘fish nursery’ banned from the area – Facebook and YouTubePheasant formula is the new dog’s dinner – against […]


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