Fieldsports Britain – problem deer in a pen Paul has a problem muntjac to deal with on his Bedfordshire shoot. This is a job of work. It has got into a pheasant pen where it is in danger of scaring poults out of the pens and into the mouths of foxes. So he needs to shoot it, and he knows it’s likely […]

UK’s top clay grounds: list of lists

UK’s top clay grounds: list of lists Lots of websites offer lists of the UK’s best claygrounds. Here is the list of lists, also available as a Google map: Atkin Grant & Lang, Hertfordshire Set in woodland, the home of the famous gunmakers Atkin, Grant and Lang includes a gunshop with on-site gunsmith, and a […]

How to deal with anti-hunting newspapers The Times newspaper decided to print its latest angry article about people going hunting, two of the people it planned to feature contacted Fieldsports Channel for advice. Here is our guide on how to deal with hate-speech in the media. Quick help If you need help with an anti-hunting journalist, email Charlie For pictures, find Pixsy at […]

Two lads try clayshooting How does a youngster get into shooting? Tom Sadler and Arthur Warner are twelve-year-olds at the start of their shooting careers. They head to their local clayground, Ian Coley in Gloucestershire, where instructor Matt Jones gives them a lesson. Find out how they get on, and how easy it is to take up shooting. […]

Crow vs Childerley at the Jack Pyke Open 2021

The Jack Pyke Open at Sporting Targets in Bedfordshire is one of the highlights of the sporting clay shooting season, attracting nearly 1,000 entries over five days. Fieldsports Channel’s Andy Crow and Paul Childerley are usually spotted shooting pigeons, pheasants or deer – but they’ve taken time out of their busy schedules to shoot the […]

Setting world records – Fieldtester, episode 9

It’s all about shooting world records in our new kit-testing show Fieldtester. Wayne Martin attempts to break the world record for shooting a clay pigeon with a catapultl. George Digweed talks about his 130-yard clay, which we filmed 10 years ago, and how that has inspired video after video on YouTube. We also look into […]


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