Lead ban: what it means for old guns

www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2ylO5M7kP4 With the government holding a consultation on lead shot, lead pellets for airguns and lead bullets, it’s time to act and make your views know. Dan Reynolds form BASC explains the timeline of the consultation anbd Diggory Hadoke from VintageGuns.co.uk says what will happen to prices for old shotguns. Take part in the consultation 

Are bunnies bouncing back?

www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cj2hOFkE7s Tom Davies finds a field with a rabbit problem in Devon. Is that unusual? Well, yes. Rabbits populations have dropped across the UK as RHD (rabbit haemorrhagic disease) takes hold. He says this may be a sign that British rabbits are turning a corner and coming back.   Click here for Pulsar Find Tom […]

Will tree mania kill Scottish deer stalking?

www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wRLeXeMhZo Niall Rowantree and Dr Cathy Mayne go hindstalking with heavy hearts. They have to help bring down deer numbers so that Scottish landowners can plant trees. But is this mania for treeplanting self-defeating? Cathy looks at the science and Niall tells the story from a deer manager’s perspective.  Find Niall and Cathy on Facebook […]

Semi-auto shotguns 2022 – best buys for pest control, pigeons, duck or clays

youtu.be/gA8sD_e6DFw Like irregulars in a war film there are gangs of different shooters who rely on semi-automatic shotguns. Wildfowlers love them, gamekeepers, pigeon and crow shooters need them, some clayshooters swear by them (and occasionally at them). Semi-autos have a lot going for them. They handle and point well, and the mechanism soaks up recoil, […]


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