Adam Troman: Devon & Cornwall gun grab case study

by Deborah Hadfield and Charlie Jacoby 

Adam Troman was lying in bed on a Sunday morning when armed police arrived, unannounced, to take away his guns.

He is another victim of Devon & Cornwall Police Firearms Team’s desperate attempt to keep their jobs in the wake of the August 2021 Plymouth shootings tragedy.

Their reason for removing his guns is over speeding tickets they allege he did not disclose on his firearms certificate application, back in 2012.

For nearly ten years, Adam has been a keen clay and target shooter. Now that has come to an end – and he is at a loss. He says none of the police’s reasons for revoking his certificates are true.

He now faces a £6,000 bill to pay for solicitors and barristers to represent him at a Crown Court hearing. Devon & Cornwall Constabulary are trying to price shooters out of shooting. the only appeal they will allow is in a Crown Court.

Adam loves his clayshooting. Here is his wife Jen on their wedding day, with his late uncle Mark instructing her
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