15% off your first order at Wrecking Coast Distillery

Wrecking Coast Distillery using discount code FSTV The Wrecking Coast Distillery was born out of a passion for creating distinctive spirits that we enjoy. Spirits with a notable Cornish flourish. Spirits that make us proud to say “we made that”.All of our spirits are created, designed, produced and bottled in our distillery in North Cornwall. […]

How to renew your Fieldsports Nation Membership

If you sign up as an annual member of the Fieldsports Nation your membership will automatically renew each year, unless you select otherwise or choose to cancel. Monthly subscriptions will renew automatically for 12 months and then you will need to sign up again.Renewing your membership is easy. You can do it from a desktop […]

Fieldsports Britain – Shotguns, sunflowers and shades

This week Charlie and Ollie Williams are in sunny South Africa doing some keeping the locust-like doves and pigeons off the sunflower seeds. Ollie has to get used to shooting a semi-auto and the volume of birds…the wood pigeon shooting back at home in Cornwall is not as fast and furious as here. We also […]

Win a rifle scope as David takes over Fieldsports Extra #221

This week understudy David steps in to cover for Charlie who’s playing with Ollie Williams in South Africa. To prove he’s actually working, Charlie files a report to give us a flavour of what he’s up to. We also get a sense of the importance of hunting in Denmark as Fieldsports Nation member Ian Jensen […]

Fieldsports Channel plc and Envestry

To let us claim the VAT back on your membership and enable us to issue your share certificate at the end of your first year of membership, can you please sign up with our FCA compliance people Envestry fieldsports.envestry.com and let me know when you have done it. Thank you charlie@fieldsportschannel.tv

Fieldsports Live 11th December

Fieldsports Live Saturday 11th December 7.30pm, Langford Budville Village Hall, Somerset Enjoy 90 minutes of fieldsports fun. Charlie Jacoby hosts Fieldsports Live, a brand new stage show that draws you into the world of Fieldsports Channel, bringing you the highs and lows of the YouTube hunting/shooting/fishing sensation. An evening of music, video, big screen entertainment, interviews […]

Getting to know Cai ap Bryn – Fieldsports Channel Podcast, episode 40


Testicles, crucifixes and nuclear reactors A slight change in podcast style this episode as David and Aaron thought it would be a good idea to hijack the Fieldsports radio station and call Cai ap Bryn. You may know Cai as our star in the Hunt & Cook series. However did you know he works in […]

Trade Secrets: Paul Childerley’s boot cave

Paul Childerley boots photo

Paul Childerley has tried and tested a lot of hunting boots over the years and has amassed quite a collection. Not just because of his self-confessed boot fetish but because he has a rigorous boot care regime. It’s true not all boots are made equal and you probably have your favorite make and model but […]

Fieldsports Extra – episode 154

Fieldsports extra ep154 pic

For Wayne’s catapults, go to www.cattyshack.co.ukThat wild boar www.facebook.com/franck.pasquali.1/posts/733772767571577 Macron youtu.be/O8TyA7pGxxk Bruce’s Shooting www.instagram.com/p/CKns3gUB-uo/ 5% off thermal – www.clunycountrystore.co.uk/collections/guide-thermal-imagers – code is GUIDE5 Bill Harriman www.fieldsportschannel.tv/government-plans-airgun-rule-change-for-teenagers/Join the Fieldsports Nation on our website fcha.nl/membershipJoin the Fieldsports Nation on Facebook www.facebook.com/pg/fieldsportschannel/supporters/ If you are a YouTube or Facebook member or Patreon supporter and you have not had a goodie box, please email […]

Alliance politician wants Northern Ireland hunting ban

The Northern Ireland Assembly is to consider banning foxhunting in 2021. Anti hunting MLA John Blair, backed by the League Against Cruel Sports, plans to propose legislation banning hunting of all wild mammals with dogs after 12 February 2021. Although the law he wants to pass is aimed at foxhunting, in its current form it […]

Fieldsports Britain – old-fashioned walked-up shooting


A gentle walked-up day with Paul, looking for pheasant and maybe woodcock on his shoot in Bedfordshire. He is shooting an old side-by-side with new steel-shot cartridges, and cooking the pheasants in the woods. Staying on food (it’s Christmas), game meat specialist Jack Hills provides his recipe for venison sausage rolls. And as it’s Christmas, […]

Animal rights extremists release terrorist handbook

Animal rights extremists release terrorist handbook

  Ben O’Rourke Elliot Gold is a vegan who wants you to know who he is and what he does. He regularly campaigns outside shops selling fur in London, engaging customers and passers-by who wear fur or might want to. Regardless how loud he chants into his loudspeaker at the thousands of people walking past […]

Bloopers 2020


  It’s our outtakes and mistakes from filming during the extraordinary year that was 2020. Well, coronavirus or no coronavirus, we have still been making blunders – and here they are, laid bare.

Venison sausage rolls – easy recipe


www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcd_Vl_HeWE Ingredients 1lb venison mince1lb beef mince2 tbsp seasoning, (salt, pepper, herbs of your choice)2 large eggs, beaten2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce2 tbsp chutney2ft/60cm square (rolled out) of puff pastry   How to make it Kneading is all important here. Mix the two minces with your hands, add the seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, one of the eggs […]

Pointless council trailhunting bans – Fieldsports News, 23 December 2020

Pointless council trailhunting bans - Fieldsports news

Here are the links: Council trailhunting bans are ‘sad’ not ‘landmark’ – Fieldsports News Celebrity dog owners attack BBC over ‘puppy farming’ documentary – Pink News Antis urge royals to stop gameshooting at Sandringham – BASC Farmer banned from Tiktok over dead pheasant video – Twitter Sabs shocked by young shooters – Facebook Denmark digging […]

Precision Rifle Series part 1 – Fieldsports Ireland episode 13

  When your hunting season is only six months long what do you do during the summer to keep your skills up to scratch? How abut PRS or Precision Rifle Shooting? Jason Doyle and his shooting partner Daniel O’Flaherty are kitting themselves out with some new gear and taking to the 1,000-yard range at Midland […]

Irresistible pigeon patterns – Fieldsports Ireland episode 11

This month Jason Doyle with a birds eye view shows us his secrets on how he sets out his irresistible pigeon pattern while he waits for the crops to ripen. Also he helps out John Griffin the butcher make some delicious chorizo flavoured burgers using the trimmings from the many deer that pass through his […]

Setting up pigeon decoys

  While waiting for the sun to finish off the crops why not practice your skills at hide building and decoy patterns to see what works best. Jason Doyle is out with all the gear but has swapped his gun for a drone to give us a birds eye view of his thoughts on setting […]

Chorizo venison burger recipe

Chorizo venison burger recipe

  John Griffin gives us his recipe for chorizo venison burgers the way butchers do them on a larger scale. Using the trimmings he saves each time he butchers deer and just as the summer season starts he minces it all up and makes a mountain of burgers. He even shows us a clever way […]


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