The Headkeeper

David Whitby manages a shooting estate in Sussex, looking after pheasants, partridges, deer – and he brings his work home with him. Living with him

How grousemoors prevent flooding

News editor Ben O’Rourke talks to grouse moor owners about how they are reversing the post-war drainage of the UK’s moorland. He shows that Wild

British wildfire season 2020

From the beginning of April, wildfires rage across the UK’s uplands, burning hardest where there has been either poor management or rewilding. Just days into

‘Shot’ peregrine killed by car

When newspapers reported the death of a peregrine, they copied and pasted the press release from animal rights activists. It had been shot, they said.

Irish keeper’s day

Jason Doyle and his girlfriend Carly join the Shelton Abbey Shoot in Co Wicklow for the end-of-season keeper’s day, where the gamekeeper gets to thank

Grey squirrel shooting tactics

Paul Childerley is after squirrels. They are chewing up the water pipes in his pheasant pens, and this is the time of year they greys

Life with Lyme disease

Lyme disease leaves you at your wits’ end. For deerstalker Tim Pilbeam, who has been living with it for 20 years, he has given up

Crow shoot

Paul Childerley becomes ‘The Childernator’. The working gamekeeper is protecting his cover crops from corvids and even doing good work as a goose scarer. Plus

Marsdens Feeds factory film

Here’s what to feed your pheasants. We go behind the scenes at Mardens Feeds to find out what goes into their sacks of game bird

High-fiving foxshooters

Two shooters from Somerset are on fox patrol around a shoot when they come across a foxshooting field of dreams. Find out how Stephen Phillips

On Test: Sauer Keeper Package

With foxes on the prowl for pheasant poults, it’s time for keepers to get out the rifles and start shooting. To coincide with this, Sauer

Gamekeepers’ rifle day

Gamekeepers’ rifle day

The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation gets its Midlands members on to a hillside in Derbyshire to try out Browning’s latest crop of rifles: the X-Bolt, T-Bolt

Tidying up around the Shoot

Tidying up around the Shoot

George Digweed is a busy man. He has just won his 25th world title in a domination of shooting sports that began in the 1980’s.

Gamekeeper and his JCB WorkMax

Gamekeeper and his JCB WorkMax

It’s July – a busy time of year for keepers – and we’re out with Gary Freegard, gamekeeper on a 4,000-acre shooting estate on the

Polaris RZR quadbike review

Polaris RZR quadbike review

Is this the ultimate gamekeeper transport? Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam takes the Polaris range for a burn round the fields. This film first appeared

Pheasant shooting in Kent

The proof of the pudding is in the eating or, in this case, the shooting. Canal Game Farm’s birds are on shoots all over the

Foxing in Devon

With the pheasant opening day around the corner, gamekeepers are out after foxes and Sporting Rifle expert Mike Powell is no exception. He’s protecting his

White pheasants

Canal Game Farm is producing them for estates all over the country – the white pheasant is (a) a useful marker for other birds or

Game farm – chicks arrive

Game farm – chicks arrive

Some 36,000 partridge chicks are on their way to Canal Game Farm at the end of April. Staff are there to make sure they settle

Game farm – hut building

Game farm – hut building

It’s flatpack hell at Canal Game Farm as staff set up the brooder huts. They took them down at the end of last season and


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