Is vegan dogfood good for dogs?

  High-profile dog-owners including F1 driver Lewis Hamilton endorse and feed their pet dogs a vegan diet. So can our domesticated ‘wolves’ do well as

Best Dogfood 2020

It’s the results of our massive dog questionnaire, covering dogfood, dog breeds and dog boxes, and thanks to all who took part in it. Our

Can you discipline your dog?

A seven-year legal battle between two gundog trainers has come to an end. At its heart is the question whether you can physically discipline your

Top tips on dog security

Thieves are targeting trained gundogs, says the organisation that helps put people back together with their kidnapped dogs. Doglost’s Jayne Hayes says what you can

How a field trial works

Paul Childerley is hosting a field trial – and Andy Crow joins him to help put birds on the ground for the dog handlers. Find

Dogs on shoots

You are going on a British gameshooting day. But can you bring your gundog? In the latest in his Shoot Curious series, Edward King gives

Best Wildfowling Dog Breeds

Nick and Matt from Langstone Harbour Wildfowlers have strong views about what makes a good wildfowling dog and how to train them. Here are their

Gundog training tips – Jumping

Gundog training tips – Jumping

Here’s how to teach your job to jump over obstacles. Professional gundog trainer Howard Kirby in association with Skinner’s Petfoods brings you short informative films

Can a gundog learn new tricks?

How do you turn your highly-trained gundog that’s perfect on pheasants into a dog that can track deer? Gundog expert Charlie Thorburn of Mordor Gundogs

Crufts 2009 gundogs

Crufts 2009 gundogs

Do you want to know what the perfect gundog looks like? You won’t see it on the BBC, which dramatically pulled out of covering Crufts


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