Falconry and hawks

Saudi falcon racing

youtu.be/hjpTuxWaD7A Saudi Arabia is mad about falcon racing – so much so they’ve built a huge stadium to host it in the middle of the

The Headkeeper

David Whitby manages a shooting estate in Sussex, looking after pheasants, partridges, deer – and he brings his work home with him. Living with him

Falcon attacks drone

How do you train your falcon? Until recently, it was by experience. Now you can get it to have a go at drones. Roy Lupton

How to inseminate a goshawk

How to inseminate a goshawk

He wants the best bred goshawks in the world. So here’s how falconer Roy Lupton sets about impregnating his female goshawks. This film first appeared

How to raise falcon chicks

Roy’s falcon chicks are hatched and growing – and behaving just like velociraptors. He tours the raptor maternity ward and shows how to bring on

Roy’s Rubber Hat Collection

Roy keeps lots of rubber hats. Why? Because he uses them to collect sperm from his tiercels. Well, you wanted to know. He talks us

#Eaglecam 2

Ride on the back of an eagle as it catches mountain hares in Scotland. We mount a tiny camera on the back of Roy Lupton’s

#Eaglecam 1

Roy is up the Scottish hills with two golden eagles to help bring down mountain hare numbers – and to try out the #eaglecam he

Training Eagles to Catch Prey

If you think a golden eagle is big, wait until you see an African crowned eagle. Roy Lupton’s friend Sang from South Korea has one

Fantastic Falconry

We have been making some great films about eagles trying to catch hares. To watch the whole of this film and more on YouTube, go

Eagles through the thermal imager

Eagles through the thermal imager

Roy Lupton uses his thermal imager to see the difference between a cold-weather eagle and two warm-weather eagles. There’s hardly any heat loss from the

Goshawk Killer

Goshawk Killer

A fox breaks in and kills falconer Roy Lupton’s oldest and favourite goshawk, he only has one thought on his mind – get that fox.

Goshawks on pheasants and rabbits

The goshawk is called ‘the cook’s bird’ because it’s the one you need if you want to fill your freezer. Top austringer (hawker) Roy Lupton

How to bring up goshawk chicks

How to bring up goshawk chicks

Falconry expert Roy Lupton takes us round his aviaries and shows off his daily routine with goshawk chicks, including diet, care and the latest technological

How to make jesses in falconry

How to make jesses in falconry

Falconers and austringers like to make the thin leather straps used to tether their birds and Roy Lupton is no exception. Here he shows how

Teaching goshawks to drive

Falconer Roy Lupton’s goshawks are growing up. he needs to get them used to being driven around in a car, so that’s this week’s lesson.

Death of a Golden Eagle

Here’s how the RSCPA killed a healthy eagle. It’s a shocking story of falconer Roy Lupton’s attempt to save an injured wild golden eagle. Despite


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