Golf course rabbit control

Nicole Moore, Instagram’s Shooting Girl with an Afro, has taken on rabbit control duties at a golf course close to her home in Norfolk, where

Brocock bruschetta

Johnny Muston puts the Brocock Commander XR through its paces on a rabbit hunt, and cooks up a delicious rabbit bruschetta afterwards over an open

Catching rabbits at a turf farm

The lovely turf at Wembley and Wimbledon comes from turf farms, and turf farms are magnets for rabbits. The South Somerset Ferreters answer the call

Ferreting a 300-yard hedge

It sounds easy: a straight 300-yeard hedge full of rabbit, and the ferreters are armed with nets, dogs and, yes, ferrets. Well, it requires planning

Ferreting a Graveyard

Ilminster Graveyard in Somerset has a rabbit problem and Ilminster Town Council needs to solve it. Who you gonna call? The South Somerset Ferreters step

The rabbit hunter

Cai Ap Bryn has a new permission – but what does it hold? He is off up the fields to find out. This item is

Crow’s lamping rabbits

How are rabbits doing? Last year Kent farm manager Andy Crow reports a major slump in the population as rabbit haemorrhagic disease took hold. This

Fast action ferreting

The South Somerset Ferreters are back in action, with loads of dogs – but do they have enough ferrets for a monster of a rabbit

Lighting up the bunnies

Roger Lait has his hands on more thermal spotting kit and scopes from Pulsar. Tonight he is using it to keep down the rabbit population

Crow on Rabbits

Crow on Rabbits

Andy Crow has a rabbit problem on the farm he manages in Kent. After years of low rabbit numbers, this year they are back. He

Airgun vs Rimfire

Airgun vs Rimfire

Tim Pilbeam is a powder hound. He likes guns that use cartridges with propellant. Chris Kemp works for airgun manufacturer Air Arms. So whose rifle

Sneaky rabbit hunt

Jamie Chandler has time for a crafty rabbit shoot without his wife finding out – and if he is quick. Ironically, he is on an

On test: Sako Quad

In the latest ‘Federal on the farm’, Andy Crow takes his Sako Quad and two different cartridges out into the field to see what works

Airgun Multi Pest

Jamie Chandler is out after a Hampshire triple – a squirrel, a dove and a rabbit – with his BSA Ultra XL This item is

On Test: BSA Ultra XL

Jamie Chandler puts the new BSA Ultra XL through its paces by attempting a Hampshire triple: a squirrel, a pigeon and a rabbit. This item

Jamie Saves Horses From Rabbits

The squirrels are stealing Jamie Chandler’s nuts. There is only one thing for the Hampshire airgunner to do. It’s out with the airgun and at

Shooting Rabbits over Wheat

The airgunner with no hands Jamie Chandler was going to go shopping. But, on the way, he sees rabbits hitting the wheat fields. Out with

How to stalk through deer

Airgunner Jamie Chandler has to shoot the rabbits devaststing a wheat crop. To reach them, he has to carefully stalk past a herd of roe


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