Lots of well-known hunting YouTubers get together in a German forest for a driven hunt. Paul Childerley is here for Fieldsports Channel, Kristoffer Clausen has come from Norway, Pierre Norberg from the Jakt är Jakt channel in Sweden is here, as is Ulrik Orskov, who is Danish with an Australian accent. They are shooting wild boar, mouflon, red and roe deer, and foxes. It is the Zeiss Media Hunt 2018 – a superb two days in the Laubach Forest celebrating the best of German driven hunting.

▶ For Zeiss’s optics, go to Zeiss.com
▶ For Harkila Clothing, visit Harkila.com
▶ For Sauer, visit the UK distributor via Blaser-Sporting.com
▶ Hornady is at Hornady.com

Special thanks to these guys (and their YouTube channels):
Jakt är Jakt
Kristoffer Clausen
Ulrik Orskov

Here is Jakt är Jakt’s film about the Zeiss Media Hunt:

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