In March 2020, more than 500 of you filled out our shooting and hunting clothing survey, telling us which jackets and trousers you wear and why you like them. The big prizes are your favourite jackets and trousers. And here are the winners.

Top manufacturer for jackets is Deerhunter but its Montana, Muflon and Ram jackets are pushed into second place by Härkila’s Pro Hunter range.

Barbie and Ken entirely clothed in most popular outdoor jacket and trousers, Härkila Pro Hunter


When it comes to style, your third favourite trousers are the Deerhunter Ram, second place goes to the Seeland Woodcock range. The trouser winner is, again, the Härkila Pro Hunter. And Härkila is your top choice of trouser overall.

Most popular hunting trousers among our viewers are Härkila, with Seeland in second place and Deerhunter in third


What about breeks? Both the Härkila Pro Hunter and Seeland Woodcock come in breeks styles. Nearly 10% of you put down tweedy breeks and plus-fours and twos as your preferred outdoor attire.


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The viewers gave between one and five stars for a variety of attributes that they look for in outdoor clothing. Here are the results.

The Fieldsports Channel viewers’ choice of shooting jacket for comfort is the Ridgeline Monsoon, and trousers are the Deerhunter Ram. The Ridgeline Monsoon also wins for waterproofing.

The Fieldsports Channel viewer choices for durability are the Seeland Woodcock jacket and Härkila Pro Hunter trousers.

Barbie wears the Fieldsports Channel viewers’ choice for comfort. Shooting jacket: the Ridgeline Monsoon. Trousers: the Deerhunter Ram. The Ridgeline Monsoon also wins for waterproofing. Ken is in outdoor clothing that wins the Fieldsports Channel viewers’ choice for durability: the Seeland Woodcock jacket and Härkila Pro Hunter trousers


Shooterking wins three viewer awards: it wins overall for customer service, its jackets win for value for money, and its Venatu trousers win for waterproofing. Decathlon’s Solognac range of trousers wins the value for money award, especially its ‘100’ hunting trouser.

Barbie wears the outdoor clothing from the company with the best customer service. Our viewers agreed that that’s Shooterking. Ken is in kit from the companies that represent best value for money: for jackets that’s Shooterking again, and for outdoor trousers it’s Decathlon’s Solognac range


And a quick hats off to a viewer called Benjamin from the USA whose preferred hunting top is a Woolrich shirt jacket that’s 73 years old. Older than Ken, who is just 59 this year.

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