Fieldsports Britain – Stalking Seals

Cai Ap Bryn is in Norway finding out about how they shoot seals for sport. Being a top game chef, he also looks at a great seal meat recipe. Meanwhile, Paul Childerley has a new idea for training people to shoot fallow deer in herds. He has set up a simulated herd in woods on his ground in the South of England. it is not as easy as you might think. News has the latest from the cancelled #UKGameFair, ‘Hallo Charlie!’ comes from Germany, Canada and the UK, and Gordon Ramsay is larging it after wild boar in Hunting YouTube.

Here are the links to the items:


Simulated stalking

Here are the links to the Hunting YouTube films:
Gordon Ramsay
Deadly Passion
Got Hunts
Tony Gillahan
Clay Tall Stories
Deutsche Jagdzeitung TV
Hakan Hancioglu
Wild Jaeger


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