Fieldsports Britain – Catty Shack man shoots doves and squirrels

We have got everything from smart driven pheasants to mooching around with a slingshot in this week’s show. Wayne Martin is the man behind Catty Shack catapults, and he pops over to Andy Crow’s farm to show how he sorts out both farmyard and woodland pests. It’s amazing shooting. He kills a squirrel stone dead at 30 yards. Meanwhile, Cai Ap Bryn has a recipe for festive venison mince pies. And Browning is shooting pheasants with its ‘English’ guns. Fid out how the Belgians and French do ‘English’. There’s a Spartan bio exclusive offer this week, David is back on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump and Charlie has been digging up the best on Youtube for this week’s Hunting YouTube. All of this in #FieldsportsBritain

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Venison Mince Pies recipe

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Pheasant shooting

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Record-breaking air rifle shot
New rifle range for UK’s South-West
Belgian rangers busted for exotic deer moneymaker
Deer manager local councillor under fire
British Government’s kill orders on rare birds
Iowa puts hunting on the school curriculum
New record whitetail?
Whitetail deer that make us laugh
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