Fieldsports Britain – four-and-twenty blackbirds


Paul Childerley is shooting young rooks in Bedfordshire with Jonny Muston from R&K Stockcraft, we visit a private game reserve in Pakistan, a pack of hounds in Herefordshire, and we follow the trail of falcons from the UK to the Middle East. There is plenty to get your teeth into in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain. There’s ‘Hallo Charlie!’ From Cornwall, Kent and Finland, David is on the News Stump talking about the pigeon shooting ban in Ireland, and Charlie has the rest of the world covered in Hunting YouTube. Tune in to Fieldsports Channel – see the world.

Here are the links to the individual items in this show:

Rook shoot

To go shooting with Paul, email
R&K Stockcraft’s website is
Both Paul and Johnny are using Air Arms airguns


For more about Padhri Private Game Reserve, visit
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For Nick Fox’s work, visit
For the UK police version of Lendrum’s arrest, go to
Buy the books on Amazon: The Falcon Thief by Joshua Hammer and Understanding the Bird of Prey by Nick Fox.

Ledbury Hunt

Watch the Ledbury Hunt in action here:

And the Golden Button ride here:

For the Ledbury Hunt, go to

Bargain Hunter
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Fieldsports News
Irish government likely to u-turn on pigeon-shooting ban
Antis persecute Peak District gamekeeper
RSPB tries to mount anti-gamekeeping campaign
Facebook removes offensive sab post after complaints
Capercaillie project a ‘waste of cash’ – GWCT PDF

Vinnie promotes mental health campaign at clayground – YouTube
Clothing company puts on mayfly festival – Facebook
Cat owners told: keep kitties indoors – Guardian
Lithuania bowhunting law scrapped after backlash from antis
$60-million hunting estate for sale – Daily Mail
‘I forgot the keys’ – Facebook

Hunting YouTube

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