Airgunning rooks to bake in a pie

  Paul Childerley and Jonny Muston pack an Air Arms S410 and an S510 to go rook shooting. It’s the time of year when young rooks are easy to shoot on branches as they muster the gumption to fly. These ‘branches’ make excellent eating. Find out how Paul and Jonny get on. ▶ To go […]

When an environmentalist discovers that hunting helps wildlife

  Trophy hunting has saved the urial wild sheep. That’s the conclusion of environmentalist Billy Offland, who visited a game reserve in Pakistan to see how regulated hunting works at first hand. Padhri game reserve consists of 25,000 acres of wilderness in the Jehlum district of Punjab, Pakistan. It is  the only habitat where the […]

The Falcon Thief – rip-roaring but overblown

  Falconers are not impressed. Joshua Hammer wrote The Falcon Thief about Jeffrey Lendrum, who smuggled falcon eggs to middle-eastern clients. Lendrum was jailed in 2018. However, top falconer Nick Fox says why Lendrum’s story is not important when you compare it to the healthy, regulated trade in falcons between the UK and the Middle […]

Hunting with hounds after lockdown

Hound packs all over the UK are preparing to go ahead as normal in the coming season, with some extra social-distancing rules (such as no sharing of hipflasks). Nicky Sadler reports from the Ledbury Hunt, where David Redvers MFH explains how post lockdown trailhunting will work. As he says: “There is no better way of […]

Will Ireland climb down over pigeon-shooting? – Fieldsports News, 20 May 2020

  Here are the links: Irish government likely to u-turn on pigeon-shooting ban Antis persecute Peak District gamekeeper RSPB tries to mount anti-gamekeeping campaign Facebook removes offensive sab post after complaints Capercaillie project a ‘waste of cash’ – GWCT PDF Vinnie promotes mental health campaign at clayground – YouTube Clothing company puts […]

Fieldsports Britain – four-and-twenty blackbirds

  Paul Childerley is shooting young rooks in Bedfordshire with Jonny Muston from R&K Stockcraft, we visit a private game reserve in Pakistan, a pack of hounds in Herefordshire, and we follow the trail of falcons from the UK to the Middle East. There is plenty to get your teeth into in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain. […]

Antis persecute Peak District gamekeeper

Antis are wrongly accusing a gamekeeper of wildlife crimes, when he was carrying out his normal duties. Online persecution of Darcy Smith, who works on the Moscar Estate in Derbyshire, began after a snare on land he managed accidentally caught a badger on 11 May 2020. Instead of releasing it, the antis posted the picture […]


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