Hit by the Guntrader hack? Here’s what to do

Here’s how you can quickly establish which of your accounts and passwords may have been compromised by the Guntrader hack (if you want details of the no-win-no-fee solicitor that is assembling a claim against Guntrader, click here).

by Alex Sorisi

Like many of you, I’ve been a member of Guntrader, both wistfully and actively, for many years. 

Although it has been more than four years since I last actually logged in, instead of perusing the site’s listings casually, the latest data breach is a cause for concern as my account login is one of my email addresses and my password isn’t unique.

I know that you should have a different password on every account but, honestly, there are only so many things like her mother’s birthday that I can remember, and I expect I am not the only one. So here is the quick set of instructions you can follow to make sure you aren’t leaving yourself open to a hack.

A quick caveat, these instructions will only work on Google Chrome. As 80% of you will be using that as your browser, it should be of most use.

First off, you’ll need to open your Chrome browser, head over to your screen’s top right-hand side, and click the three dots.

Next, scroll down on the menu to Settings and click. This action will open your settings tab.

Once this is open, scroll down to Passwords and click on the section shown in the image below.

Once you are in your passwords section, you’ll need to click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen and select Export passwords.

You are then prompted to enter your login details for the device you are using. Enter these and select the destination on your device you want to save the file.

Please save the file and then go and open it. You’ll need to look up the account details you have entered for Guntrader.uk. The easiest way to find them among everything else is by holding CTRL or CMD and then pressing F. Then type Guntrader into the search box.

Once you’ve found your account and password combination, you will need to add a filter to column C. Click the filter icon and de-select every other account name than the one in common with Guntrader.

Next, you’ll need to select column D and Sort it from A to Z. You can then assess how many accounts have the combination in common and are therefore compromised.

The final steps are to visit the compromised sites with compromised accounts individually and reset your password to something new. The easiest way to do this is by copying and pasting in the information from Column B into your Chrome browser and resetting your password through the automated login screens.

That’s it, you’re as safe as you were before. While you are doing this, it’s probably best to check out any other compromised passwords you may have.

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