Can you discipline your dog?

A seven-year legal battle between two gundog trainers has come to an end. At its heart is the question whether you can physically discipline your

Fox smashes up kitchen

Fox smashes up kitchen

A fox went on the rampage in a couple’s home. It left such a mess they thought they had stumbled on a murder scene. Malcom

Vegan calls RSPCA to stop ferreters

A vegan woman called the RSPCA to stop ferreters. Kim Wright saw ferreters at work clearing rabbits in Trafford Park, Manchester, as she was passing in her

RSPCA condemns pest control

A  video which shows lads and their terriers keeping the streets of Liverpool clean from rats is the new target of animal rights activists at

How the RSPCA has changed

How the RSPCA has changed

There was a time when the RSCPA was interested in stopping animal cruelty. Now all it wants to do is prosecute anyone with an injured

Death of a Golden Eagle

Here’s how the RSCPA killed a healthy eagle. It’s a shocking story of falconer Roy Lupton’s attempt to save an injured wild golden eagle. Despite


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