What do pigeons cost farmers?

www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIt7B9qJnCI How much does a pigeon eat? And what are you saving a farmer when you shoot a pigeon? While in his pigeon hide, shooting in Kent, Andy Crow finds out – and turns the answer into a homeschooling maths question that any keen shooter will be keen to answer. Here’s the full quiz – […]

General licences in England: the smallprint

youtu.be/bsB_894uMmU by Ben O’Rourke “This week my phone has not stopped ringing,” says falconer and pest controller Gary Baxter as he makes notes in pencil on printed documents in front of him. “I wanted to throw it at the wall.” Gary is going through this year’s general licences for England which, once again, don’t allow […]

Wild Justice whipped in Wales – Fieldsports News, 20 January 2021

youtu.be/fO__qZ5knBE Here are the links:Wild Justice loses Wales pest control lawsuit – Fieldsports NewsScottish cops deny freedom of information request over ‘deer-in-water-gate’ – Fieldsports NewsChannel 4 airs pro-shooting documentary series – Channel 4Packham picks on prince over ‘trophy’ hunting – Daily ExpressBison rangers wanted: no experience necessary – The GuardianBASC encourages shooters to fill in […]

Lockdown walked-up recreational exercise shooting

Under lockdown rules, Ollie Williams can take his daily recreational exercise with dogs and a shotgun. He walks around the family farm on the lookout for pheasants and – what he really wants to shoot – grey squirrels. ▶ For Ollie’s sporting agency, visit CornishSportingAgency.com ▶ Click here for more films with Ollie, visit  or […]

Shooters beat Packham in Wales

Wild Justice has lost its court case to limit pest control in Wales. In a High Court judgement, Judge Jarman QC rejected all three of the anti shooting lobby group Wild Justice’s claims that the legal process of controlling pest birds, known as the general licences, are not lawful. Page one of Judge Jarman’s judgment […]

Celebs who want ‘trophy hunting’ bans are biggest threat to wildlife

youtu.be/uVWSK0nTp7I Ben O’Rourke There’s a media storm brewing in the UK, as anti-hunting campaigners such as George Monbiot and The Guardian newspaper turn on other anti-hunting campaigners. One side accuses the other of bullying tactics to try to get hunting tourism banned.  The UK faces a ban by Lord ‘Zac’ Goldsmith on the import of […]


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