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Charlie is off on a hare shoot. He is on the Swedish island of Ven for one of their major annual hare clean-up days. The animals have no other predators, so it’s up to the humans to do the job, or the farms suffer. Meanwhile, Mark Winser talks through the winning style that earned him a new Range Rover for straighting the Royal Berkshire Shooting School high tower. And Cai Ap Bryn has a recipe for venison pie. Here’s a Fieldsports Nation exclusive offer for an Olight lamping kit and you can win an Aimpoint Micro S1 sight, inscribed the ‘Fieldsports Channel. ‘Ooooh,’ went the crowd! David is back on the Fieldsports Chanel News Stump this week and Hunting YouTube brings you the best of the new hunting releases on YouTube. It’s a bumper episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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High tower

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We filmed it at Royal Berkshire Shooting School
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Venison pie
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LACS tries to close down Welsh pheasant shoot

Shooters protect more wildlife habitat

Labour Party wants to ‘strengthen’ UK hunting ban
Prince William lams into the illegal wildlife trade

Vinnie Jones’ grandson takes up shooting
Country Food Trust launches winter appeal
Australian shooters face a duck ban

Blind deer stalker bags deer
Apple or pair?
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