When YouTube lashes out at airgun channels

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez8tNhHPkzA Is YouTube still on the prowl for airgun channels or does it hav an over-active algorithm? In July 2021, it deleted Replica Airguns, a channel with 350,000 subscribers after claims the company was selling counterfeit products. The message that YouTube sent Replica Airguns The owners say they have been selling products from companies including […]

A day in the life of a deer manager

youtu.be/-T_A5WyO1gk Shooting deer is hard work. Paul Childerley has his work cut out thinning the various deer species on his ground in Bedfordshire. Paul is also putting Sako products through their paces, shooting a Sako Powerhead Blade round in .308 and Sako S20 rifle. In the end he shoots five animals from four species: fallow, […]

Antis close down Welsh pheasant shoot

The League Against Cruel Sports has stopped shooting at a Bettws Hall shoot. The Welsh shoot operator leases the 750-acre estate at Gregynog Hall in Newtown, Powys, where shooting has taken place for centuries. The Davies family gifted the estate to the university of Wales. In 2018, the League Against Cruel Sports obtained via a […]

Crow’s Pigeon Roost Shoot

A gathering of pigeon shooting greats: Andy Crow is asked to join Peter Theobald, Will Garfit, Jonathan Young and others for a pigeon clear-up day in Oxfordshire. The aim is to keep the birds with off the ground or hitting it with a thud. They set to with vigour, despite 35mph winds and some testing […]

Wild Boar Island

Roy Lupton is on a major wild boar cull in marshes off a Swedish island where wild boar have reached plague proportions. He is there with some of the best Swedish wild boar shooters, plus the team from rifle sights experts Aimpoint. This film is supported by: ▶ This film is supported by Aimpoint Aimpoint.com […]

Life with Lyme disease

Lyme disease leaves you at your wits’ end. For deerstalker Tim Pilbeam, who has been living with it for 20 years, he has given up on the NHS and turned to alternative medicine – and he is learning to live with the disease. He has good days and bad days. Find out what it’s like. […]

Fieldsports Britain – Living with Lyme

The effervescent Tim Pilbeam has good days but he has bad days – and those bad days are down to Lyme disease, which he caught from a tick bite 20 years ago. He has been keeping a video diary for the last two years. Here’s what it’s like – and what he’s trying out to […]

Flying eagle point of view : hare hunting

Flying eagle point of view : hare hunting

Roy Lupton straps a camera on the back of an eagle and sends it off to hunt hares. With mountain hare numbers booming on this carefully-managed estate in Scotland, Roy is able to take a few for the pot with the help of his golden eagles. He tops up that pot with a goshawk and […]

Fieldsports Britain – Eagles on Hares

Fieldsports Britain – Eagles on Hares

Enjoy fantastic flights as falconer Roy Lupton flies his golden eagles on blue hares in Scotland. He has his #eaglecam set-up on the back of the birds, so it feels like Lord of the Rings as the eagles stoop on the hares. Plus he has folk coming to supper so he’s out with his goshawk […]

Dog mauls deer on ski slope

Austria is outraged after a dog mauled a deer on a ski slope. The dog attacked and injured the deer near the village of Ebene Reichenau. A hunter videoed the attack, and he later reportedly destroyed the animal with a knife. The dog’s owner, a 26-year-old Czech woman, has been charged with violating local hunting […]

Anti hunt extremists turn to dognapping

Antis are stealing foxhounds and holding them captive. This hound called, appropriately, Drama, was returned to the Crawley & Horsham Hunt after hunt staff reported the animal missing to police. Local hunt saboteurs held the hound for four days, causing stress to both the kennel staff and the hound.

New cash record for rare goat

 An American hunter has set a record for a markhor hunt. He paid the highest amount yet paid – US$110,000 – to hunt Pakistan’s national animal. Bryan Kinsel Harlan hunted the Astore markhor in Gilgit-Baltistan. His is one of four permits the Peshawar wildlife department auctioned last year. He started a worldwide debate on […]

How Coursing Helps Hares

Did you know that hare density is 18 times higher in coursing areas than in non-coursing areas? That’s the conclusion of research by Queen’s University, Belfast. Coursing may be banned in the UK but it’s alive and well in Ireland. They even print the results from coursing meetings in the national papers in Ireland. Charlie […]

Fieldsports Britain – Cai’s Mahoosive Moose Hunt

We are hunting driven moose in Finland. In the latest in Cai’s Hunt & Cook series, he takes on a bull elk and then shows how to rustle up a delicious party snack from its heart. Meanwhile, Charlie joins the English National Coursing Club at an English Stakes coursing event in Ireland. He finds out […]

Fieldsports Britain – Spectacular Mountain Chamois Hunt

Tough stalking in superb mountain scenery – Paul Childerley is shooting chamois during their rut. He is out with Peter Matjasic from WaffenlandTV, who wants to show him why Slovenia is a hunting paradise. Meanwhile, Catty Shack man Wayne Martin offers his tips on shooting straight with a catapult. David is on the Fieldsports Channel […]

New rifle range for UK’s South-West

Rifleman Firearms in Somerset, UK, is close to finishing its new indoor rifle range. The building will open in February 2019, will have five firing lanes and includes 500 metres of rail for the targets to run on. Visit RiflemanFirearms.com for more details. Images by Andy McGarty

Iowa puts hunting on the school curriculum

You can learn hunting and shooting at school in America. Iowa Department of Natural Resources runs a hunter’s education programme alongside its apprentice and mentor hunting programmes. The state of Iowa also runs shooting sports initiatives in schools and even hunter safety as part of its physical education class curriculum. And it runs a programme […]

Did antis kill this hound?

Hunt saboteurs may have chased a foxhound on to a busy road where it was hit by a car and killed. The Fitzwilliam Hunt was trying to turn hounds back from the A14 dual carriageway. However, footage shot by Cambridgeshire saboteurs shows them chasing the hound on to the road, where they filmed it being […]


Australian shooters face a duck ban, because Australian scientists are too incompetent to find any duck. The nation’s key waterbird survey, the Eastern Australian Waterbird survey, shows how drought has drained eastern Australia wetlands of water and bird life. Waterbird survey team co-ordinator Professor Richard Kingsford says: “I don’t know where the birds are.” However, […]

Shooters pay for wader conservation

Shooters are protecting more wildlife habitat. A Humber wildfowling club has secured a £100,000 loan to create a wetland oasis for waders, including redshanks, grey plover and curlew. Barton On Humber Wildfowlers Club will turn 16 acres of arable farmland into a thriving wetland habitat after securing the loan from the Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust […]

Prince William speaks out against poaching

Prince William has, once again, lammed into the illegal wildlife trade. A new film, The Last Animals, shows the prince discussing the deaths of rangers trying to protect elephants and rhinos. It is already working. China has reversed a controversial decision to lift a 25-year-old ban on the use of tiger and rhino parts in […]

The Frontline Walk, with Chris Green

On the centenary of Armistice Day, fieldsports enthusiasts join the Frontline Walk to raise money for ABF The Soldier’s Charity. They walk the 100km from Arras to Ypres – and they do it in wildfowling, gamekeeping and foxhunting kit, as a mark of respect for the many people from the world of hunting and shooting […]

On Test: devastatingly effective Pulsar thermal XP50 and XQ50

On Test: devastatingly effective Pulsar thermal XP50 and XQ50

Roy Lupton tries out two thermal imagers designer for fox shooters. They are pricy – the range £3,000-£5,000 but they are superb. He uses them to clean up a load of lamp-shy foxes have has had his eye on for a whole. This item appears in Fieldsports Britain, episode 467 Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain467 ▶ Pulsar Accolade XP50 […]

Calling Red Stags Viking Style

Cai Ap Bryn is a hunt swap. He goes to visit Johan Trygve ‘Trigger’ Solheim of the Svanøy Foundation in Norway to go deerstalking. While there, Trigger teaches Cai how to call red stags the Norwegian way. ▶ For more about the Sauer 100 and Minox scope, talk to the distributor via Blaser-Sporting.com ▶ Cai’s […]

Fieldsports Britain – Hot Foxing

Need to shoot lamp-shy foxes? Roy has got £8,000-worth of Pulsar thermal imaging kit to play with – and it’s devastatingly effective, especially on troublesome foxes that run away at the first glimpse of a lamp. He makes a big dent in his problem foxes. That’s not all. Cai Ap Bryn goes on a ‘hunt […]

Fieldsports Britain – Crow and Doyle go Shooting

Crow is partridge shooting, and a few pegs away is Jason Doyle, over in England to test himself against south-of-England driven birds. It’s an excellent day, organised by clothing company Jack Pyke, and Andy Crow is shooting well. Of course, it’s not competitive between Jason and Andy… but then there is the question of who […]

Ferreting a Graveyard

Ilminster Graveyard in Somerset has a rabbit problem and Ilminster Town Council needs to solve it. Who you gonna call? The South Somerset Ferreters step up and take on this tricky job. Just remember – no digging! ▶ Click here for South Somerset Ferreters on YouTube ▶ Click here for South Somerset Ferreters on Facebook […]

Roy Lupton learns to dart deer

Mike Allison from Jelen Premier Wildlife Services is an expert on darting deer. He is the man that Roy Lupton turns to in order to learn how to do it: how to use the dart gun, how to get the dose right, and how to revive the animal afterwards. Here is how he gets on, […]

Crow shoots partridge in Bedfordshire

Andy Crow gets the call-up to a driven partridge shoot in Bedfordshire. As part of his Crowhow series, he is enjoying the hospitality of Jack Pyke, alongside our Fieldsports Ireland presenter Jason Doyle. The two of them have lovely day’s shooting in glorious English countryside and… competitive? Perish the thought. Andy is sponsored by: ▶ […]

Bloopers 2009-2011

Fieldsports Channel’s bloopers/funnies/cockups 2011

  Here are just a few of our out-takes and funnies saved from the cutting room floor from our first 100 programmes of Fieldsports Britain. We hope you enjoy them! This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 100. To watch the whole show go to Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain100  



Larysa Switlyk posted a picture of herself with a dead feral goat and the world went mad. They had been softened up by the stories earlier that week: there was the Woburn trophy hunting story in The Times of London and the video of the American shooting the elephant on South African TV station News24. […]

Irish Snipe Shooting

Come to the West Coast of Ireland for superb snipe shooting. As part of his Wild Wing series in Ireland, Jason Doyle tries it out. ▶ Gamebore supplies the cartridges Gamebore.com ▶ Benelli 828 u came from GMK.co.uk ▶ Clothing from Jack Pyke JackPyke.co.uk ▶ Enforcer Pigeon Decoys EnforcerDecoys.co.uk This item appears in Fieldsports Ireland, episode […]

Speedy French wild boar

For years, Jason Doyle has been looking for good-value, good-quality driven boarshooting in Europe. He reckons he has found it at Keiler.fr This item appears in Fieldsports Ireland, episode 3 Fcha.nl/fieldsportsireland3 Join the Fieldsports Nation. Just £/$/€4.99 a month gets you Fieldsports Channel membership. Click here Sign up for our weekly email newsletter FieldsportsChannel.tv/register

Snipe Shooting & Boar Hunting – Fieldsports Ireland, episode 3

Snipe Shooting & Boar Hunting – Fieldsports Ireland, episode 3

For Fieldsports Ireland episode 3, Jason Doyle is after snipe in Ireland and wild boar in France. As part of our Wild Wing series with Jason, he on the West Coast is walking up Ireland’s smallest, speedy game bird, the snipe. Plus, how easy is it to go wild boar hunting? Jason finds a convenient, […]

Fieldsports Britain – Hectic Daytime Rat Hunt

It’s ratting time. Roy Lupton is on rat-shooting duty at a recycling centre in Yorkshire. There’s a window of opportunity when the vermin is active and there is nobody working on the site. That’s when Roy deploys the new FX airguns and Pulsar optics, with the help of Jonathan Fox from Intelligent Pest Control. Meanwhile, […]

Anti hunt death threats after TV star says hunting is ‘murder’

Eamonn Holmes’ description of a hunt as ‘murder’ provoked a mass of death threats against hunters and shooters on social media. The ITV This Morning presenter made the comment while interviewing Fieldsports Channel’s Charlie Jacoby and a representative from the League Against Cruel Sports on the daytime show. Holmes, co-presenter Ruth Langsford and LACS policy […]

Game cookery by top Cornish chefs

Game cookery by top Cornish chefs

Cornwall’s not just about ice cream and mackerel. It is a superb source of game, including venison, partridge, duck and rabbit. We’re at the Cornish Food & Drink Festival with Country Sports South West to find out more. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 96. To watch the whole programme go to Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain96 […]

On Test: best shotguns by Rizzini

This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 519 Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain519 Jason Doyle enjoys a day’s pheasant and partridge shooting at Druid’s Lodge in the south of England, thanks to italian gunmaker Rizzini. He is there with other shooting writers to try out Rizzini’s range of shotguns, from £3,000 up to a magnificent custom model […]

Crow fills freezer with fallow

There are fallow deer munching Crow’s crops. The farm manager from Kent gets out his Blaser R8 and waits out for them, partly because he wants them gone, part because he wants a nice new deerskin rug but mainly because he is hungry – and fallow taste great. Look out for great clinical shooting from […]

Fieldsports Britain – Beautiful Italian Shotguns

We get our fingers oily and bloody this week. In Italy, Edward King shows us how Rizzini makes pretty English guns at their factory in Val Trompia, the home of the Italian gunmakers. In Kent, Andy Crow has a fallow deer problem – and a clinical desire to put meat on his table. There can […]

Fieldsports Britain – Hunting Unicorns

It’s all about shooting magical animals and working for it, this week. Paul Childerley is after a one-horned impala ram in the Eastern Cape. One-horned animals are a theme of Hunting YouTube this week, too. Meanwhile, Tim Pilbeam is running up and down Austrian mountains and attempting to shoot straight. And a red stag stalking […]

Sweaty Stag Stalking

Lionel Neuville goes stalking on the east coast of Scotland with John Dodd. Above the Helmsdale River, the hills rise sheer for more than 1,000ft. John is used to this kind of terrain, but it takes everything Lionel has to keep up and stalk his red stag. ▶ To go stalking with John, email Lachie […]

Steyr Arms Mountain Challenge

When Steyr Arms asked Tim Pilbeam how fit he is, Tim took it as a challenge. Turned out he was right. The Austrian rifle maker made him run up alps and then shoot straight. He reports on the shattering experience. ▶ Contact Tim Pilbeam at tim@rucksackandrifle.co.uk ▶ Tim shoots with a Steyr. For more about […]

Impala Hunt in the Eastern Cape

It is the second in Paul Childerley’s Barrels & Brass series. He and friend Julian are after plains game in South Africa – and host Nico want them to take out a one-horned impala ram. Julian also has his eye on a two-horned impala. ▶ For more information about Sako rifles and bullets including the […]

Fieldsports Britain – Hunting Unicorns

It’s all about shooting magical animals and working for it, this week. Paul Childerley is after a one-horned impala ram in the Eastern Cape. On-horned animals are a theme of Hunting YouTube this week, too. Meanwhile, Tim Pilbeam is running up and down Austrian mountains and attempting to shoot straight. And a red stag stalking […]

River Bush Salmon

The Bushmills Atlantic Salmon Research Centre is finding out what’s happening to Atlantic salmon growing up, leaving and returning to Northern Ireland. Jason Doyle meets the man who runs it, Tim Delargy from Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and has a go at salmon fishing in Game Of Thrones (!) country. ▶ For more […]

Co Wexford Wildfowling

Jason Doyle goes back to basics – he is decoying teal and widgeon and shooting them in the marshes of Co Wexford, part of his Wild Wing Shooting series. ▶ Gamebore supplies the cartridges Gamebore.com ▶ Benelli M2 came from GMK GMK.co.uk ▶ Clothing from Jack Pyke JackPyke.co.uk ▶ Enforcer Pigeon Decoys EnforcerDecoys.co.uk ▶ For Lochbay Labradors on YouTube, go […]


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