Deerstalking at last light

Cai Ap Bryn is meeting a man in a car park… Chris Dewbury from rifle, clothing and accessories distributor Blaser Sporting has come along with

Calling Red Stags Viking Style

Cai Ap Bryn is a hunt swap. He goes to visit Johan Trygve ‘Trigger’ Solheim of the Svanøy Foundation in Norway to go deerstalking. While

Crow fills freezer with fallow

There are fallow deer munching Crow’s crops. The farm manager from Kent gets out his Blaser R8 and waits out for them, partly because he

Tahr Hunt and Huge Red Stags

Deer manager Niall Rowantree is travelling Planet Deer again, looking at how New Zealand produces monster red stag heads, and going hunting for Tahr in

Deer heart wraps – recipe

Deer don’t just yield roast haunch and tender venison backstraps. Here is Cai Ap Bryn’s recipe for delicious deer heart wraps. Ingredients: ▶ 1 deer

Rifle skills

150 people came to the The Blaser/Mauser/Sauer/Minox skills day at Braces’ range just south of Bristol. They learned about how to shoot off sticks, how

Crow Buck

What a combination: Andy Crow and Jason Doyle head out roestalking on a lovely warm day in the south of England. Andy is sponsored by:

Crowhow: how to decoy crows

Crows are hitting the newly-drilled barley. So, Andy Crow is out to hit the Crows. He shows how he decoys these wily birds and how

High Pheasants: Upperwood Estate

Close-up, slow-motion photography reveals just how much lead a high pheasant needs, as Andy Crow goes shooting in Yorkshire on of the UK’s specialist high-pheasant

Dorset Foxshooter

There’s a big, fat fox taking ducks on a shoot, and other foxes congregating in the lambing fields. It all means work for Dorset foxshooter

A lad’s first stag

A young stalker is out after a red stag for the first time. He is stalking at the Ardnamurchan with Niall Rowantree of West Highland

Crow’s New Toys

Crow has been sent loads of new kit to try on pigeons and deer: – a new stock on his Blaser F16 – a new

Corvid Control

Corvid Control

Jackdaws are damaging the crops and farm manager Andy Crow is going to do something about them. He packs his pigeon-shooting kit – with a

Pigeon Shooting: Flock Focus

Pigeon Shooting: Flock Focus

When pigeons are feeding around a huge area, how do you bring them back to the point where you want to shoot them? Andy Crow

New hunting kit at IWA 2017

New hunting kit at IWA 2017

RWS 10.3×68 rifle cartridge Hunters in the mountainous Swiss canton of Graubünden have relied on the effectiveness of 10.3mm calibres for the past 150 years.

Scottish Stalking

It’s time for the Ardnamurchan hind cull. Niall Rowantree is up the hill with Robert Sajitz and Alexandra Baur of Blaser, Sporting Shooter editor Rebecca

Scottish Woodcock Shoot

When the rest of Europe freezes in winter, woodcock head for the west coast of the British Islaes where the gulf stream keeps the land

Straight-Pull Rifle Test

Straight-Pull Rifle Test

Top rifle review Tim Pilbeam has a Merkel Helix, a Blaser R8 and a Browning Maral to play with as he runs through the pros

Swiss Ibex Hunt

Mario Theus of Palorma Hunting has come up with a stunning new series on YouTube about hunting ibex in the Swiss Alps. Charlie Jacoby goes

Highland hind cull

Niall Rowantree is in the middle of the red hind cull (female red deer) at Ardnamurchan in the Highlands of Scotland. Robert Sajitz from German

New Gun Launches

New Gun Launches

Blaser and Browning are launching new shotguns. We look at the Blaser F16 sporter and game gun, and the new John Moses Browning collection from

Paul Childerley Hunts Germany

Paul Childerley Hunts Germany

Paul Childerley gets to use the latest kit from Carl Zeiss Sports Optics and Blaser Rifles on a driven hunt in Germany. Find out how

New Blaser F3 Vantage

New Blaser F3 Vantage

Blaser flew in to the UK this week to make three big announcements: ✩ It is hooking up with top clay ground EJ Churchill ✩

Winter Night Vision Foxing

Winter Night Vision Foxing

We’re in fox patrol on a sheep farm. 13 foxes have been spotted by the farmer and Roy, Darren and Gary are in the Gator

Goshawk Killer

Goshawk Killer

A fox breaks in and kills falconer Roy Lupton’s oldest and favourite goshawk, he only has one thought on his mind – get that fox.


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