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RSPCA condemns pest control

A  video which shows lads and their terriers keeping the streets of Liverpool clean from rats is the new target of animal rights activists at

Elk test: why not to brake in snow

Dash cam footage shows an impressive near miss with four moose. Canadian James Levesque is driving on Highway 631 in northern Ontario when four moose

Best hunting clip in 2016: vote

Outdoor news website is holding a Facebook competition for the best video clip of 2016. It has posted the top five. Leave a comment on their

Digweed escapes tractor fire

Digweed escapes tractor fire

Top game shot and 26-times world champion George Digweed had a lucky escape when his tractor caught fire. George was mowing maize at the shoot

Cornish anti shoots at hunt

Cornish anti shoots at hunt YouTube, Jeremy Clarkson on a shoot – photo, Packham gets his birds in a twist – Twitter, Bird table raider

New American whitetail buck record

A 47-point buck is the new world record for a non-typical whitetail deer. Stephen Tucker, 26, hunted the deer with a muzzleloader in Tennessee. According

Beirut bird shoot

Antis are furious with Beirut hunters who are safeguarding the airport from bird strikes by shooting seagulls on a rubbish dump on the flight path.

Airgun Launches – HotAir news

The headlines this week: ☆ New Air Arms bullpup ☆ Umarex innovations ☆ Remington signs with Crosman ☆ Benjamin Pioneer Airbow ☆ Squirrel nicks apple

How the RSPCA has changed

How the RSPCA has changed

There was a time when the RSCPA was interested in stopping animal cruelty. Now all it wants to do is prosecute anyone with an injured

The Airgun Shotgun – HotAir news

The headlines this week: ☆ New air shotgun ☆ British government consultation on airguns ☆ Scottish police offer airgun amnesty ☆ Gamo launches Youth Precision

HotAir – Junior Airgun Record Smashed

HotAir is the airgunning news service. The headlines this week: ✩ Somerset girl breaks airgun record ✩ Airgun Forum Worcester get-together ✩ Kalamazoo Airgun Show


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