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Good news for wolf hunters

Russians are taking a robust view of their wolf population. An MP in the Yakutia region, home to 12,000 wolves, is backing a plan to

Stoat traps to get new rules

An international plan to make beaver trapping more humane is to have a knock-on effect to UK stoat traps. Bureaucrats started work 20 years ago

Hunter untangles deer

A shooter has saved a deer tangled in netting. Colin Asquith from Yorkshire freed the roebuck and posted the video on Facebook, saying: “My good

Man kills eight-legged pig

An hog hunter in the USA shot a pregnant feral pig and found one of the piglet fetuses had one head, two torsos and eight

New hunting kit at IWA 2017

New hunting kit at IWA 2017

RWS 10.3×68 rifle cartridge Hunters in the mountainous Swiss canton of Graubünden have relied on the effectiveness of 10.3mm calibres for the past 150 years.

Yet another #EagleCam

Everyone’s getting in on the eaglecam act. Following our video made with a camera on the back of an eagle, GoPro itself has released one.

Hyena hunter hounded

A journalist from Jordan is under fire for vermin control. A video of Hayam Awad killing endangered striped hyena cubs has gone viral. It shows

Fox caught with the hens

A fox caught in a hen coop in Russia stays perfectly still. The owner gently encourages the hens to leave while he eyeballs the animal.

Shortlived mouse

A Norwegian man who caught a mouse thought he was doing it a favour by letting it go. The mouse makes it only part of

Gator on the golf course

Now that’s a fish – and that’s an angler. Florida resident Norma Respess caught this video of an alligator walking across a golf course with

What went on at BASC last year?

2016 was an annus horribilis for BASC’s headquarters operation at Marford Mill in Wrexham – but there has been no satisfactory explanation of what went

50-cal vs bulletproof glass

What happens when you fire a 50-cal rifle at bulletproof glass? YouTuber Edwin Sarkissian finds out in this film, which has gone viral. For those who can’t

Fieldsports Britain News

The News Stump from Fieldsports Britain, episode 377, with links: Indian villagers capture man-eater Poachers kill white lion Squirrel cyber attacks A Saudi prince flies

Sabs go ‘militia’ at Kent hunt

Sabs go ‘militia’ at Kent hunt

Hunt sabs in balaclavas frightened women and children at the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt in Kent. Police were called to Hole Park, Rolvenden, after masked

Farmers call for Packham probe

Farmers call for Packham probe

BBC TV presenter Chris Packham’s impartiality is in question again after he called for a weedkiller ban. The NFU wants clarification from the BBC about

Coursers’ car stuck in the mud

Suspected illegal hare coursers have abandoned an estate car in a Yorkshire field. North Yorkshire Police tweeted:  We’ve recovered this in Gateforth, Selby, after being

Thieves gouge out dog microchip

Thieves in a travellers’ camp in Kent shaved a dog and gouged out it’s microchip to disguise it from its owner’s. Tina and Graham Denning

New tenner upsets vegans

Hard cash just got harder for vegans. The new £5 notes contain a kind of animal fat called tallow. Some vegans refuse to handle them.

Behold: the Trumpigator

An orange alligator has taken social media by storm. The Trumpigator’s orange skin makes it look like the US President.

Catching hares goes viral

Fieldsports Channel’s Eaglecam film is breaking records for views. Footage taken from a camera mounted on an eagle gives the viewer the feeling they are

Man-eating tiger caught

Indian villagers have captured a man-eating tiger after it mauled six people. The tiger became a maneater after escaping from the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in

Fishing just got fashionable

Move over Airgun World and Trout & Salmon. New British Vogue editor Roy Hobbs says he intends to make the fashion magazine the “number one”

Moose saved from ice

This video shows the moment a moose that is stranded in the middle of a frozen lake is freed by ice-skating passers-by.


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