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Man-eating tiger caught

Indian villagers have captured a man-eating tiger after it mauled six people. The tiger became a maneater after escaping from the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in

Fishing just got fashionable

Move over Airgun World and Trout & Salmon. New British Vogue editor Roy Hobbs says he intends to make the fashion magazine the “number one”

Moose saved from ice

This video shows the moment a moose that is stranded in the middle of a frozen lake is freed by ice-skating passers-by.

Buck sheds antlers for the camera

This video shared by Heartland Bowhunter on Facebook shows the incredible moment when a young buck is running along and sheds its antlers right in

Poachers behead white lion

Poachers have killed a white lion a game farm in Polokwane, South Africa. Pocher have killed six lions in the province since January and left

Vegan calls RSPCA to stop ferreters

A vegan woman called the RSPCA to stop ferreters. Kim Wright saw ferreters at work clearing rabbits in Trafford Park, Manchester, as she was passing in her

Gun control actress starts shooting

Gun control advocate Amy Schumer is starring in a film where she glamourises guns. The actress stars alongside Goldie Hawn as a madcap mother-daughter duo

Advertising’s best shot

It’s the world of shooting’s current favourite commercial. This film is an advert made by German health food manufacturer Doppel Herz showing off a product

PETA’s fur fury over Warhammer

The global figure phenomenon Warhammer gained a little more interest that it planned with its latest release. The futuristic wargame played with figurines, has warriors

Fox in a hen coop

What damage can a fox do in a chicken coop? #CartuchosArmusa posted this CCTV video.

Hogs boom in USA

Feral hogs will spread to most parts of the USA, says a new study. Researchers at the USDA’s National Wildlife Research Center say in a

Lamping clampdown by Irish police

See someone lamping in Co Kerry, Ireland, and the Gardai would like you to call them. The Irish constabulary told the Irish Independent that those

Recoil film goes viral

A film of a lad facing off the kick from a shotgun has gone viral. Anthony Campbell from Illinois is shooting two-shot from a 12-gauge:

Tasmania gun law confusion

Tasmania is banning guns that the police ‘do not like the look of’. Tasmania Police’s new guidelines will allow them to deem guns illegal if

Duck decoy expert’s new start

Decoy manufacturer Sillosocks has a new owner. UK ShootWarehouse has acquired the business’s interests outside the USA and Canada. Sillosocks makes pigeon, crow, goose and

Bird flu hits game farm

Bird flu has hit a game farm in Lancashire. DEFRA says it will oversee the slaughter of 10,000 pheasants after the H5N8 strain of avian flu

Deer killed by bottle

Here’s a new reason to pick up litter in the countryside. A deer that found an empty glass bottle has died. The animal put it’s

Nicked! The thief at the gun show

A suspect has been caught on camera allegedly stealing a Trijicon scope and American Defense MFG mount at the ShotShow in Last Vegas. Standholder American

Squirrel nicks chocolate

In HotAir airgun news this week: BASC condemns Scottish airgun laws, Armex helps out the Grand Tour, HatsanUSA moving into bigger warehouse, Zhou Shibing blasts

Beast of Cumbria spotted

Two ramblers claim to have spotted a black panther known as the Beast of Cumbria. Husband and wife Liz and Stuart Wild were walking in

RSPCA condemns pest control

A  video which shows lads and their terriers keeping the streets of Liverpool clean from rats is the new target of animal rights activists at

Elk test: why not to brake in snow

Dash cam footage shows an impressive near miss with four moose. Canadian James Levesque is driving on Highway 631 in northern Ontario when four moose

Best hunting clip in 2016: vote

Outdoor news website is holding a Facebook competition for the best video clip of 2016. It has posted the top five. Leave a comment on their

Digweed escapes tractor fire

Digweed escapes tractor fire

Top game shot and 26-times world champion George Digweed had a lucky escape when his tractor caught fire. George was mowing maize at the shoot

Cornish anti shoots at hunt

Cornish anti shoots at hunt YouTube, Jeremy Clarkson on a shoot – photo, Packham gets his birds in a twist – Twitter, Bird table raider

New American whitetail buck record

A 47-point buck is the new world record for a non-typical whitetail deer. Stephen Tucker, 26, hunted the deer with a muzzleloader in Tennessee. According

Beirut bird shoot

Antis are furious with Beirut hunters who are safeguarding the airport from bird strikes by shooting seagulls on a rubbish dump on the flight path.


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