Scottish hind hunt

The red hind cull is underway on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotland. Niall Rowantree has Robert Sajitz of Blaser to help him shoot his cull

On Test: Ridgeline Clothing

Will O’Meara and Jason Doyle go on a two-day backpack hunt in the Wicklow Mountains in winter weather conditions. They are after sika as part

Deerstalking at last light

Cai Ap Bryn is meeting a man in a car park… Chris Dewbury from rifle, clothing and accessories distributor Blaser Sporting has come along with

Wild Muntjac Fever #1

Wild Muntjac Fever #1

Roy Lupton is out to test a theory. Can Continental driven big game hunting work in the UK? He is joined by experts from Swedish

Meat hunting in Portugal

Ever looked and a deer and felt hungry? In the latest in his series Rucksack & Rifle, Tim Pilbeam is hunting red stags for their

Stalking stags in Argyllshire

The steep hills and deep glens of the Dalness Estate in Argyllshire are the setting for Jason Doyle to take his cousin Larry out stalking

Calling Red Stags Viking Style

Cai Ap Bryn is a hunt swap. He goes to visit Johan Trygve ‘Trigger’ Solheim of the Svanøy Foundation in Norway to go deerstalking. While

Crow fills freezer with fallow

There are fallow deer munching Crow’s crops. The farm manager from Kent gets out his Blaser R8 and waits out for them, partly because he

Sweaty Stag Stalking

Lionel Neuville goes stalking on the east coast of Scotland with John Dodd. Above the Helmsdale River, the hills rise sheer for more than 1,000ft.

Red Stag Hunt in Portugal

Ever wondered what kind of animals you can hunt in the hilly heart of Portugal? Tim Pilbeam’s Rucksack & Rifle series takes us to the

Tahr Hunt and Huge Red Stags

Deer manager Niall Rowantree is travelling Planet Deer again, looking at how New Zealand produces monster red stag heads, and going hunting for Tahr in

Get Started in Deerstalking

Are you in a city? Do you know that you are less than an hour from guided deerstalking? – one of the best fieldsports around.

Deerhunting Guide Skills

Top deerstalking guide Paul Childerley has a new assistant. He teaches young Sam the dark arts of being the perfect deer guide on a muntjac

Shooting Goats in Galloway

Shooting Goats in Galloway

We’re on an estate in Galloway in south-west Scotland. Nick Latus is starting the day the way he likes it: striding on to the hill,

British Deer Society AGM 2018

The British Deer Society AGM covered the big issues facing wild deer in the UK, including chronic wasting disease, ticks, hybrids, government policy and the

Crow Buck

What a combination: Andy Crow and Jason Doyle head out roestalking on a lovely warm day in the south of England. Andy is sponsored by:

Rest, Relaxation & Roe Therapy

Deer manager Paul Childerley is in Gloucestershire to stalk and cull roebucks. On a glorious English summer’s evening, what better way is there to shake

Northumberland roestalking

It is the heat of mid April 2018 and Al Gabriel is out managing bucks on two pieces of ground: a lowland estate and upland

Deerhunter on Strange Ground

Here’s a test for his stalking skills: Tim’s out with a Scottish stalker who simply points him in the right direction and lets him get

On Test: Fox ammo on deer

  Roy Lupton is out in the South of England, testing lead-free ammunition on a fallow buck. Then Roy cuts open the animal to see

Cai’s new hunting ground

Cai Ap Bryn and Johan Trygve ‘Trigger’ Solheim are looking for animals on Cai’s new ground in the South of England. Cai is using trail

Passing your DSC1

How do you learn to hunt deer in the UK? We follow deerstalker Sim Hay as he takes his Deer Stalking Certificate 1 with Mike

Red stag: an emotional hunt

Tim Pilbeam is back in France and gets the opportunity to stalk a large trophy red stag. He is there at the heart of the

On Test: Sako Super Hammerhead

What are the best bullets for whitetail deer? Paul Childerley tries out Super Hammerhead cartridges from ammunition manufacturer Sako on a whitetail hunt in Finland,

#Stagcam – fraying

Stags rub their antlers on trees in behaviour called fraying. We put a camera on the antlers of a red stag during and record it.


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