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Which airgun calibre? .22 or .177?

youtu.be/QUxYU5bz4AE It’s the age-old question. Which airgun calibre is best, .22 or .177? South-west of England Field Target Association champion James Head, of Crackshot UK,

Saudi falcon racing

youtu.be/hjpTuxWaD7A Saudi Arabia is mad about falcon racing – so much so they’ve built a huge stadium to host it in the middle of the

Hunting British wild boar

Cai Ap Bryn takes part in a boar cull in Gloucestershire that has him waiting out in freezing temperatures but with high reward. It’s all

CPSA looks to drop the pigeon

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association wants to drop the word “pigeon” in its name, in a bid to “modernise our sport’s brand image in order

Injured buffalo charges hunter

Explosive action as British big game hunter Paul Childerley hunts buffalo in the Mozambique bush. He finds out about poaching, poisoning and just how dangerous


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