Vegan tries deerstalking

  Katie Hargreaves goes deerstalking with Paul Childerley. What’s unusual is that Katie is a vegan. She sees sustainable hunting as part of her veganism.

Sabs target Glorious Twelfth shoot in Northern England

Sabs target Glorious Twelfth shoot

The Hunt Saboteurs Association claims it successfully disrupted a shoot on the first day of this year’s grouse season creating what it calls a ‘not

How to Deal With Antis

  What do you do when confronted by a sab in a black balaclava when you are out shooting? Hosted by Charlie Jacoby, a panel

Gooseshooter vs antis

A few weeks ago we told you about Barry Swain’s difficulty in doing his pest control job due to persistent harassment from antis. Complaining to

General licences: the blame game

Charlie Jacoby sits in on the parliamentary committee charged with finding out what went wrong at Natural England to have caused such chaos with the

Did antis kill this hound?

Hunt saboteurs may have chased a foxhound on to a busy road where it was hit by a car and killed. The Fitzwilliam Hunt was

Grouse Season 2017

What kind of shooting season is it going to be? And does the anti-grouse-shooting demo in London matter? We talk to the experts at the

Hunt Sabs March on London

Hunt Sabs March on London

Foxhunters are delighted. A small group of antis held the biggest anti-hunting march London has seen. Around 5,000 people marched through the West End and

How the RSPCA has changed

How the RSPCA has changed

There was a time when the RSCPA was interested in stopping animal cruelty. Now all it wants to do is prosecute anyone with an injured

Confronting angry antis

When anti-hunting animal rights activists left death threats and threats of violence against our contributors on our YouTube site, we thought it would be interesting


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