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Did antis kill this hound?

Hunt saboteurs may have chased a foxhound on to a busy road where it was hit by a car and killed. The Fitzwilliam Hunt was

Daystate hits 40

Daystate hits 40

British airgun manufacturer Daystate celebrates its 40th birthday. At a party at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, it drew attention to the company’s illustrious


Australian shooters face a duck ban, because Australian scientists are too incompetent to find any duck. The nation’s key waterbird survey, the Eastern Australian Waterbird

Shooters pay for wader conservation

Shooters are protecting more wildlife habitat. A Humber wildfowling club has secured a £100,000 loan to create a wetland oasis for waders, including redshanks, grey


Larysa Switlyk posted a picture of herself with a dead feral goat and the world went mad. They had been softened up by the stories

It’s raining fish

An American state has a fast way of filling up mountain lakes with fish. They drop them by plane. Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources, which

Squirrel Kickstarts Panda

HotAir is the airgun news service on YouTube. The headlines this week: ☆ Squirrels target pandas ☆ Scottish lawyers give Salmond a ‘skelpit lug’ over

Vinnie films with his own rifle

Most actors who use guns in films  get issued them by an armourer. Not Vinnie Jones. Gamekeeper’s son Vinnie is filming London Calling – and

British Deer Society AGM 2018

The British Deer Society AGM covered the big issues facing wild deer in the UK, including chronic wasting disease, ticks, hybrids, government policy and the

Cub scouts learn about keepering

Cub scouts from the Hawes Cubs pack learned about grousekeepering on a visit to the Bolton Castle estate. The cubs visited the shoot in the heart

Packham’s fake news over Fred

Did animal rights activists stage the death of Fred? On 15th February 2018, BBC presenter Chris Packham released a film on YouTube suggesting that a

BBC glamourises masked hunt sabs

A new BBC documentary legitimises and glamourises hunt saboteurs. BBC Three joins a group of masked thugs and tries to make them look good. The

Raven cull underway in Scotland

Scottish Natural Heritage is at last to sanction a raven cull. Raven numbers have exploded in recent years and they are damaging populations of waders,

Oil works for woodcock

Oil is good for woodcock. Birds returning to Europe and Asia from the UK encountered strong easterly winds last week. This picture posted on the

Kenya may bring back big game hunting

Kenya has taken the first steps towards bringing back hunting. Following a conference in the European Parliament held by Africa’s hunting nations – which have

Police tell RSPB to back off

Police tell RSPB to back off

British bird charity the RSPB is to back off from wildlife crime cases after the police told RSPB that its actions could jeopardise prosecutions. Newly-released


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