Hacked details of 100,000+ UK gun owners published online

Ben O’Rourke In the latest fallout from the hack of the website Guntrader.uk, A new company replaces the company behind online gun listing service. In a post on Facebook, a Guntrader senior official made the honest observation that due to the ‘compensation culture’, the old company ‘was forced into liquidation’. He continues: ‘Guntrader Media Ltd […]

UK food shortages spark ‘game Christmas’ dream for some

“We need to be moving away from this convenience idea, moving away from going to a supermarket and buying asparagus all year round, etc,” says chef and writer Christopher Trotter. “We need to rethink the way we buy our food, the way we live on the land.” That’s the kind of thinking that keeps corporate […]

How the RSPB’s hunt for stoats on Orkney is now a wild goose chase

youtu.be/r0TBHg2X84g by Ben O’Rourke In 2010, stoats mysteriously turned up on Orkney, perhaps as stowaways on lorries carrying hay for farmers to feed their cattle in winter.  A single stoat invader was returned to mainland Scotland and released somewhere with “a suitable habitat and prey for stoats”, where it would not have a bad effect […]

Poaching, poison and politicians: the real threats to the rhino

youtu.be/0EZZvKZYlhk A gangster in an expensive coat and a Lincoln Model L stops on a bridge on the Canadian border. He is there to meet a lorry from Canada and check its shipment of whiskey. What he doesn’t know is that Eliot Ness and his ‘Untouchables’ cops are waiting in a nearby building, and the […]

Law-abiding gun owners targeted in changes to South Africa’s firearms act

“It’s a big fight, we are into this for the next two, three, four, five years. I can see that we’ll have to litigate because it’s all about private ownership and stuff like that.” Herman Els, director of the National Hunting and Shooting Association of South Africa, says the country’s gun owners are under attack […]

South Africa’s hunters unite in a fight for the future

South Africa’s wildlife management associations have joined forces so they have the clout to fight threats to their conservation work from foreign governments. They’re calling it a “golden moment in the history of South African hunting”. Almost all the county’s top hunting organisations have joined forces in the Sustainable Utilisation Coalition (SUCO). “The Sustainable Use […]

How grouseshooting is saving curlews

www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfqbJkLQzyU It’s a sunny spring day on the North York Moors and there’s a light breeze. We’ve managed to find a spot where we’re treated to curlew calls in nature’s equivalent of surround sound. Curlew ambassador John Cavana scans the heather around us with binoculars in between reeling out facts about the bird. We’re not […]

Gamekeepers committing ‘hare genocide’, claims Packham

BBC celebrity Chris Packham is accusing gamekeepers of “ruthlessly killing” hares on estates across the UK. The TV presenter made the comment in an article in The Telegraph about the English government considering a partial ban on hare shooting. The newspaper quotes a DEFRA source who insists ‘people kill hundreds of thousands of hares a year during […]

SGA protest: how the Scottish Government is failing Scotland’s countryside

youtu.be/Kck6o9YSg-Q It’s been more than 20 years since the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association took to the streets of Edinburgh for a protest.  The march in 2000, the same year Alex Hogg became chairman, came after MSP Mike Watson put forward a private member’s bill to ban hunting with dogs.  “It would affect our terriers, which was […]

Tories call for probe into Carrie Symonds’ influence at Number 10

Are animal rights extremists taking control of the government in England? Conservative Party think tank The Bow Group is calling for an inquiry into the influence the PM’s fiance Carrie Symonds has in the UK government. Concerns have grown since Number 10 hired two of Symonds’ allies were hired as advisers. A vocal supporter of […]

Kent Wildlife Trust threatens anglers with eviction

www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1iJpM03t9U “The world has changed,” says Dennis Puttock, secretary for the Bromley District Angling Society, which was recently dealt a staggering blow.  More than 70 years ago, the BDAS began fishing at what is now Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve. Over that time, the reserve’s lakes, fish, trees and habitat in general have been monitored and managed […]

Spartan bipod system review

A good rest will transform your accuracy with a rifle, and most shooters will use a bipod or sticks depending on their type of shooting. Traditional rests can be fiddly and clumsy to carry and use, but Spartan has transformed all that with a modern range of modular supports that are lightweight and brilliantly designed. […]

Survey shows alarming increase in gamekeeper abuse

Two-thirds of gamekeepers across the UK have received abuse and threats because of their job. That’s the shock finding of a survey by BASC, Countryside Alliance, Game Farmers Association and National Gamekeepers Organisation. More than 1,000 people responded to the survey held at the end of 2020. Abuse on social media is rising, according to […]

RSPB’s Geltsdale reserve: a flagship flop

www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6_szmfI3YA Ben O’Rourke The only evidence Geltsdale nature reserve in Cumbria was ever a grousemoor that hosted shoots is the former hunting lodge, which is now the RSPB’s visitor centre. The charity took over in the late 1990s and it’s been mostly downhill since then for the moorland bird population.  In 2006, Geltsdale was taken […]

Natural England delays pest licensing with new ‘screening’ system

youtu.be/_r8aqoPWLCc Surprise, surprise: Natural England has made getting licences for the control of birds not covered by the general licences a little bit harder. Now you need to apply to apply for an individual licence through an extra step – a ‘screening’ form. Natural England has added it to weed out applications that it might anyway […]

Conservationism vs animal rights: the difference explained

Swedish hunter Jens Ulrik Høgh explains why animal rights campaigners – often celebrities – are on the wrong track when it comes to conservation. Read more about this topic: Celebs who want ‘trophy hunting’ bans are biggest threat to Africa’s wildlife Jens on Facebook

General licences in England: the smallprint

youtu.be/bsB_894uMmU by Ben O’Rourke “This week my phone has not stopped ringing,” says falconer and pest controller Gary Baxter as he makes notes in pencil on printed documents in front of him. “I wanted to throw it at the wall.” Gary is going through this year’s general licences for England which, once again, don’t allow […]

Airgun pellet penetration test – JSB Hades vs JSB Exact

Can the shape of your airgun pellets really make a difference to stopping power? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to carry out a ballistic wax test. The results will reveal how far a pellet penetrates, as well as the size and shape of the channel it makes in the wax. An […]

Celebs who want ‘trophy hunting’ bans are biggest threat to wildlife

youtu.be/uVWSK0nTp7I Ben O’Rourke There’s a media storm brewing in the UK, as anti-hunting campaigners such as George Monbiot and The Guardian newspaper turn on other anti-hunting campaigners. One side accuses the other of bullying tactics to try to get hunting tourism banned.  The UK faces a ban by Lord ‘Zac’ Goldsmith on the import of […]

Government tightens antique firearm laws

The government has made changes to firearms laws it says will close ‘loopholes’ exploited by criminals. The new rules affect exemptions for antique firearms that allow collectors and dealers to own and trade in old guns. The government says these exemptions are being exploited by criminals. Seven ammunition types will no longer be described as […]

What’s the best rimfire rifle package for £500-£700?

So: you’ve got your Firearms Certificate, you’ve got permission to shoot rabbits on a local farm, and you’re itching to go shooting. There’s just one hurdle left: you need a rifle and scope  that are up to the job. So what’s the best rimfire rifle package for a reasonable price, if you’ve a budget of, […]

Savage B17 rimfire – review

Why buy a Savage B17? Half of the Fieldsports Channel audience (who own a rimfire) own the Czech-made CZ/Brno rimfires – check out our rimfire research. However, drill down those numbers and you find that the Czech rifles are getting elderly in the hands of our viewers (the average age of the rimfires you own […]

Council trailhunting bans are ‘sad’ not ‘landmark’

Councillors across the country are debating banning trailhunting on council-owned land. Anti-hunting councillors claim the release of a webinar animal rights activists claim exposes the activity as cover for actual fox hunting. We covered that story about the Hunting Office webinar here. Last week, Cherwell District Council in Oxfordshire threw out a proposed ban on […]

What do you buy a shooter for Christmas?

www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RhcXPwLtA0 Just what do you buy a shooter? It’s a question Ian Ho-Ho-Hodge gets asked many times a day as the festive season approaches. He runs Ian Hodge Field Sports – a physical and online shop based in Cornwall – so he’s put together a list of the ideal stocking fillers with everything from new […]

Zeiss DTI 3/35 thermal spotter – review

Thermal imaging has become an essential tool for gamekeepers, pest controllers and deer managers. From almost none a couple of years ago, there are now a huge variety of products to choose from. The old man of traditional optics, Zeiss, planned a grand launch for its first entry into the thermal market in the rpsing […]

Police team up with locals for poacher patrols in Northumberland

  Ben O’Rourke “They try to intimidate you, they look for a rise from you… they’re confrontational, looking for trouble, shining lamps in your face so you cannot see anything,” says local farmer Paul (he wants to keep his surname anonymous) of the poachers who have been hitting parts of Northumberland. “I’ve had run-ins with […]

Leupold BX4 Pro Guide HD binoculars – review

Out of 3,500 responses to our 2020 kit survey, 600 Fieldsports Channel viewers got back to us about binos. It is clear from the results that Leupold is a well-loved brand, if not widely purchased. Only 3% of viewers own Leupold binos.   In Fieldsports Channel’s research, Leupold binos score highly for ease of use, […]

Do you need a cheek piece for your rifle?

Purists look at foxshooting doyen Robert Bucknell’s set-up and are appalled. Until recently, he had a CAM rifle, which is in ‘practical rifle’ territory and not the usual foxshooter’s choice of heavy barrel with bipod. And, to make it a more comfortable fit, he built up the cheek pad with gaffer tape. Yes, gaffer tape… […]

Leupold Gold Ring 12-40×60 Spotting Scope – review

  A good spotting scope is a vital tool of the trade for Mike Robinson, professional deer manager and game chef. “I’m selecting wild deer which I harvest and put through my Owl Barn larder, and which then goes to my award-winning restaurants” – (yes, he says “award-winning”) – “as well as some of the […]

Packham Christmas profits benefit Wild Justice ‘charity’

‘Tis the season to be jolly – usually. Government lockdowns appear to have ruined Christmas for most Brits, but they haven’t hampered BBC wildlife programme celebrity Chris Packham’s spirit of giving, according to his website. He has been selling Christmas cards – a pack of 10 for £16.50 + £1.64 postage – and “10% of […]

Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II – review

  If you want to know what scope a competitive shooter uses to hit targets accurately, ask Ben Mcilwaine. He’ll tell you it’s the Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II. Bushnell says it’s the scope “that’s been to the podium at the King of 2 Miles” and countless precision rifle matches – often in the hands […]

Spyderco Bow River knife – review

  Phil Wilson enjoys fishing and riding dirt bikes along California trails, when he’s not working at his knife shop, crafting new tools. He’s been designing high-quality custom blades since 1985. Wilson designed Spyderco’s Bow River knife, which is perfect for the “budget conscious adventurer”, according to Andrew Isherwood of Edgar Brothers, who adds that […]

Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Deluxe reloading kit – review

  How many times have you asked yourself whether you want to dine out or at home? You’re still going to have food, but there’s something satisfying about eating a meal you spent the effort cooking. The same goes for bullets. There’s also the extra cofidence it gives you. Factory ammunition will kill a deer […]

Yildiz SPZ ME Steel Sporter Black – review

  The latest variation of the Yildiz SPZ ME is the Steel Sporter Black, which retails at under £1,000. “This is very much the SPZ ME but with a steel action,” says Richard Ryan from Raytrade. “Benefits? it will take some very heavy punishment. Anyone looking to cope with a lot of shooting will want […]

Best night vision rifle scope for under £1,000

  Robbie Sheddon of Cluny Country Guns takes us through a selection of night vision and thermal scopes for less than a grand. They are: Yukon Photon RT, £599 Yukon Sightline N450, £759 Yukon Sightline N470, £819 Pulsar Axion Key XM22, £869 Starting off with the Yukon Photon RT: “This scope really is best for […]

Savage 110 High Country rifle – review

  The Savage Model 110 is the oldest continuously-manufactured bolt-action rifle in the USA. Call something a ‘High Country’ and it means this is a the version that breaks new borders, that’s used by pioneers and true outdoorsmen. North Carolinans have a western part of their state they call the High Country, and it’s the […]

Prosecutors drop Barry Swain assault case

  There’s been another blow for Leeds pest controller Barry Swain, whose troubles we have highlighted. An animal rights extremist who was due in court accused of assaulting Barry is off the hook. At Leeds Magistrates Court on 17 November 2020, Crown Prosecution Services decided not to go ahead with a criminal case against the […]

GSG Firefly 22 Rimfire Long Barrel Pistol – review

  The closest thing to a tactical handgun that you can buy in the UK, pistol-shooters will say the 22 Rimfire GSG Firefly looks familiar. That’s because it’s almost identical to the Sig Sauer Mosquito. GSG used to make the Mosquito for SIG, which dropped it a few years ago, allowing GSG to resurrect the […]

Savage 110 Precision Elite rifle – review

  The 110 Precision Elite from Savage Arms is “built from the bottom up for competition use”, says Ben Mcilwaine, a competition rifle shooter sponsored by Edgar Brothers, which imports Savage rifles into the UK. The rifle has an MDT ACC titanium nitride chassis, allowing complete customisation of weight and balance to minimise recoil and […]

Yildiz SPZ ME shotgun – review

  Lightweight but strong and steel-proofed sums up the SPZ ME range by Turkish gunmaker Yildiz. The SPZ ME range of Yildiz shotgun has a growing following among British shooters. In Fieldsports Channel’s research, viewer Paul from the UK rates his SPZ ME five stars for looks, reliability and value for money. He uses it […]

Bushnell Nitro 1800 Laser Rangefinder – review

  Bushnell’s Nitro Laser Range Finder works up to 2,000 yards (with all the upgrades) and is Bluetooth compatible, so you can link it to smartphone apps and ballistics calculators such as Kestrel. Even without upgrades it works to 800 yards. Accuracy is +/- 1 yard. It’s also got built-in arc technology for calculating angles […]

Zoli XL-Evo shotgun – review

  Rob Dunlea-Jones from Edgar Brothers shows us his customised XL-Evo Shotgun from Italian gunmaker Zoli. A lefty, Rob had his stock fitted for him in Italy, so it looks different to other models. But it’s got the same focus on balance. As well as owning his own XL-Evo, Rob’s employer Edgar Brothers imports Zoli […]

Savage B22 – review

  The Savage B22 Precision is the affordable match rimfire rifle for .22LR competitions. It will perform on the range, you can use it for plinking and it’s even an accurate choice for rabbits and other vermin. Its MDT chassis is built from a single piece of aluminium, to make it stable, and has M-LOK […]

Sabs’ hunt leak video scandal is fake news

Updated 26 November 2020 Sabs have been celebrating after claiming on 13 November 2020 to expose “a nationwide conspiracy” by hunters they insist are flouting the 2004 Hunting Act. They leaked two videos of webinars held by leading figures in trailhunting. ITV News featured the webinar on 24 November. The network said police are investigating […]

How Barnes designs copper bullets for hunting

  With the shift away from lead, Barnes Ammo’s Tipped TSX has become “the bullet of the moment”, according to Raytrade’s Richard Ryan. It’s certainly popular with Fieldsports Channel viewers. The TTSX is the most popular Barnes bullet that Fieldsports Channel viewers buy, according to our rifle ammunition research. The VOR-TX, which is a TTSX […]


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