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Packham’s fake news over Fred

Did animal rights activists stage the death of Fred? On 15th February 2018, BBC presenter Chris Packham released a film on YouTube suggesting that a

BBC glamourises masked hunt sabs

A new BBC documentary legitimises and glamourises hunt saboteurs. BBC Three joins a group of masked thugs and tries to make them look good. The

Raven cull underway in Scotland

Scottish Natural Heritage is at last to sanction a raven cull. Raven numbers have exploded in recent years and they are damaging populations of waders,

Oil works for woodcock

Oil is good for woodcock. Birds returning to Europe and Asia from the UK encountered strong easterly winds last week. This picture posted on the

Kenya may bring back big game hunting

Kenya has taken the first steps towards bringing back hunting. Following a conference in the European Parliament held by Africa’s hunting nations – which have

Police tell RSPB to back off

Police tell RSPB to back off

British bird charity the RSPB is to back off from wildlife crime cases after the police told RSPB that its actions could jeopardise prosecutions. Newly-released

Danes to ban plastic wads

The Danish hunting association and the association of gundealers are to phase out  non-bio-degradable materials in shot shell wads. Non-degradable shot shell wads will be gone

Animal rights activists scare Tesco

Tesco has bowed to animal rights intimidation and removed a fox hunter fancy dress costume for children from sale after hunt saboteurs complained. The “red

Vinnie’s new shooting vehicle

Vinnie Jones has a new shooting vehicle. The Hollywood actor, former footballer and keen shooter made this video himself as he went to pick it

Stag selfie craze causes injury

A ‘stag selfie’ craze is emerging among walkers in urban and suburban public parks that contain deer. Members of the public have been pictured posing

Hunters save trapped deer

Three men took time out of their hunting trip to save a deer trapped in a fence. The men were hunting in Texas and found

Armenian shot vulture controversy

There is a hunting controversy underway in Armenia after photographs of men holding dead griffon vultures emerged on social media. The photos date back to

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Shooters ain’t mathematicians

One of the biggest problems facing pheasant shooters is calculating where they are to stand on a peg when the shoot captain has said ‘numbering

Sauer launches new shotgun

Gunmaker Sauer is launching two new shotguns. They are called the Apollon and the Artemis. The Artemis is specifically designed for women. Top sporting sculptor


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