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We’re on Dartmoor on a meat hunt, culling fallow deer for the freezer. Tom Davies of Dartmoor Deer Services is out with Ollie Williams from Cornwall (where fallow deer are an exotic animal). Plus they show when to and when not to use a thermal spotter. Just over the county line, the South Somerset Ferreters are sorting out a nursing home that’s rife with rabbits. Jaf and the team ferret a long bank, and get some spectacular action with their dogs. News editor Ben O’Rourke reviews the year in Fieldsports News and looks ahead to 2020. Charlie has the finest hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube and David is first with the news on the News Stump. Keep watching #FieldsportsBritain

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Fallow bucks
Find Tom on Facebook and Instagram – to go shooting or stalking with Ollie, go to CornishSportingAgency.comOllie is using a Browning X-Bolt. Click here for the Browning website

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2020 news review
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Fieldsports News

Here are the links:
Antis push for Northern Ireland ban on hunting with dogs – Fieldsports News + video from Facebook
Irish coursers annoyed after lockdown ban – Irish Coursing Club
Scottish Green Party wants to replace foxhunting ban – Aberdeen Evening Express
Scottish charity ‘bullied’ into refusing game meat – Aberdeen Press & Journal
Scottish spike in car crashes involving deer – The Scotsman
RSPCA tells people what they can and can’t eat – Independent
Europe lead ban panic prompts survey
Portuguese PV plan leads to massive montería – BBC
Aussie woman accused of killing 140 birds – Guardian
Animal rights extremist dupes Fox Business channel – AgWeb
Guide backs out of rhino charge – Facebook

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